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What If I Don't Like Sports?

Not everyone likes organized sports or team sports. If this sounds like you, don't sweat it.

We're going to talk about what keeps some kids from liking sports. With a few changes, you might find out that there is a sport out there that you could like. But if not, we'll suggest other fun ways to stay active.

Learning About Sports

Sometimes, kids feel that they don't like sports because they might not understand how to play them or they haven't had much practice doing them.

Sports can seem complicated because of all the rules and special equipment. Even the fields and courts they're played on come in different shapes and sizes and have confusing-looking lines drawn on them.

People spend many years learning about favorite sports and practicing how to do them well. So don't feel bad if you don't know the difference between a "corner kick" and a "goal kick" in soccer. If you want to learn more about a sport, you might ask your mom or dad about camps or programs that introduce kids to new sports. These may be better than just joining a team that starts playing games right away without much explaining first.

Gym class and intramural programs at school also can be a way to try new sports with a mix of kids. Another way to learn about a sport is to watch instructional videos or DVDs or check out library books that explain the rules and offer suggestions for kids learning to play them.

If you have an older friend or family member who's good at a sport, you might ask him or her to help you practice. Some sports are just good to understand, even if you never want to play on a competitive team. For instance, you might play softball or volleyball, just for fun, at a summer picnic.

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