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What I wish I'd known about starting solids - Part 2

When should I feed my baby?
"Don’t wait until your baby's starving before giving her her first mouthful of food. If she’s upset, she won’t be able to eat. Give her a little bit of milk first and some more milk afterwards."

"Trust your baby about knowing when she's had enough. Watch her and don't force her into having just one more spoonful."

"Most babies will try solid foods when they’re ready and not before. If he’s not interested, but is having plenty of milk, he’ll be fine. Leave it for a week or two. It’s not a race."

"Some babies don’t do breakfast! My baby isn’t that hungry in the morning, so I offer a snack later instead and it works fine.
What if mealtimes leave my kitchen looking like a tip?
"As soon as your baby can feed himself, there will be mess. Sit back and enjoy it!"

"If your baby is a really messy eater, go for washable, waterproof bibs, with pockets and long sleeves. Or pelican plastic bibs are good. If you’re out and about and have forgotten your baby’s bib, use a muslin square tied round your baby’s shoulders."

"Buy two large, washable, waterproof mats to put under the highchair. Use one for a day, then throw it in with that night’s wash."

"We are doing baby-led weaning which is fun but very messy! I have large piles of flannels to hand. At each meal a new one comes out, my son’s hands and face are wiped, then the table, chair and finally the floor."

"If you’re a person who finds mess hard to deal with, then baby-led weaning is probably not for you."
Any other advice?
"Remember that, in the early days, starting solids is about getting your baby used to different flavours and textures. That’s all."

"Don’t be in a rush to drop your baby’s milk feeds when you start."

"Be prepared for a change of nappy contents! Your baby’s poo will change and won’t smell quite so nice. If you’re doing baby-led weaning, you may even find bits of food in your baby’s nappy! This is normal."

"If you’re worried about your baby’s eating habits, have a word with your health visitor. They’ve often got good advice about starting solids and fussy eaters."

"Have the camera ready to capture your baby’s first 'solid' meal!"

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