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What do you suggest for mut’ah to be practiced more in society?


For youth, true peace of mind and relief lies in permanent marriage, but due to the fact that not all of them can afford the expenses of permanent marriage, the best way to avoid the misguidance of Shaytan is temporary marriage, because neither complete sexual freedom nor the suppression of strong sexual desire and monasticism can be found in Islamic teachings; temporary marriage is considered to be something in between.

Because Islam is a complete religion, it has legislated temporary marriage as a temporary solution for those that cannot have it as a result of some of the problems it may entail. Mut’ah is one of the points that make Shia jurisprudence significant and different, because not only does it provide its followers with a permanent solution for sexual needs, but also with a temporary and of course, legitimate one.

Nevertheless, as was said above, there are some obstacles in the way of executing this law which mostly stem from ignorance and lack of knowledge and information, and as Ali (as) has stated centuries ago: “People are the enemies of what they do not know”[1].

Benefits and the good outcomes of temporary marriage need to be mentioned and discussed; this way people and particularly women will accept it easier. Due to the lack of information regarding mut’ah, people usually refuse to practice it and some even hate it. Therefore one of the most effective ways of spreading this culture and law, is to enlighten people and inform them of the ways it can pay off in society and this can be done through the media.

It seems that in order to promote this act the authorities and the youth need to work hand in hand.  At the same time, there needs to be a strong organization that can give this whole thing a jump start and help those who want to perform such a tradition and can explain about this tradition and how it is to be performed and what its benefits are, etc.

Until then, you can use the internet to try to find a person that suits you.

[1]"الناس اعداء ما جهلوا"،, Nahjul-Balaghah, short saying172.

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