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What are calories?

What is calorie? Is it a food? .what is the daily requirement of calorie? These questions we heard a lot from those who want to lose weight.

Calories are units of energy like any measuring unit like kilometre ,watt , kilogram.

Calorie is the amount of energy, needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius.

The calorie is the amount of energy generated by the food when it is burned in the body

For example: 1 gram of fat produce 10 calories,

1 gram of carbohydrates produces 5 calories

How can we calculate the energy needed for life processes and physical activity?

The amount of energy need for our bodies depends on the weight of the person ,the height and the age

For example:

If some one is 160 cm height and 60 kilogram weight ,the amount of calories needed are 25 calories per kilogram for normal activates and 30 for active persons .

So 25*60=1500  calories

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