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Wearing a Scarf Has Been A Sign of Dignity, Honor, and Respect

Islam invites the faithful to understand the meaning behind the practical rules and external forms of worship.

Although Hijab aids the person who wears it by protecting her superficial physical form from becoming a commodity, undesired exposure and sexual manipulation, its true meaning is to show respect for the divine essence within them. Verse 7:189 of the Quran describes human beings as being created from a single soul. That entity is the spirit of the Almighty. 15:29 I blew unto him from My Spirit. Knowledge of the benefits and inner truth associated with Hijab not only facilitates an inner journey, it also identifies an individual with a broad and evergrowing sisterhood belonging to Islam. Knowing that you are a servant of the Lord and having a culturally useful garment to manifest it complement each other as a form of dignity. Hijab is the stateof people who are present in society, engaged in life and work leading normal lives while at the same time claiming her right to an inward journey with full attention the divine. The word Hijab has been used in various verses of the Holy Quran including: 42: 51 No person can speak to the Lord except through revelation from behind a partition (Hijab) or though a messenger by the permission of the Lord.

The Prophet is addressed thus: 17: 45 And when you recite the Quran, between you and those who do not believe in the Day of Judgement a Hijab (partition) is established.

Whenever there is mention of a higher truth beyond the material world, the issue of Hijab arises. In other words, when you have an expensive pearl, you begin to talk about a shell. The Islamic view is that a human being’s essence is priceless and cannot be trivialized by the marketplace or turned into
a cheap trinket for just anyone’s lust and pleasure.

The true spiritual and divine meaning of Hijab is protection and preservation of humanity’s priceless gem namely: I blew unto him from My Spirit. 15:29 and, of the best stature 95: 4.

Hijab does not mean seclusion, but rather being present in society, while at the same time being free from “all except the Lord.” With an entire chapter in the Holy Quran devoted to her example, Mary the mother of Jesus is central to the heart of Islam.

Mary: 17 And remember in the book when Mary withdrew from her community and settled down in an eastern location and sought a Hijab, (partition) then our spirit appeared before her in the form of a human being.

After withdrawing from her community and resting in an eastern location away (in Hijab) from others, Mary (P) then reached the level of understanding the Spirit. She was able to see the essence of a human being from My Spirit in the form of a physical human being. Hijab was the preliminary step toward reaching this stage for the Lord to send His spirit down to Mary.

Observing Hijab is a way of having control over the outward journey of the material world where power, consumption, speed and noise can overcome humanity. What is emphasized in Islam is that while a believer is actively present vibrantly serving with total physical and mental abilities, his/her heart and soul are journeying towards God. Although Mary (P) has been chosen as an example in the Holy Quran this status of observing Hijab applies to all believing women.

The Holy Quran mentions some aspects of the prophets and true servants of God who sought to withdraw from the community such as Abraham (P), Moses (P), Mary (P) and the story of the people of the cave (the early Christians). They establish a relationship with the world and its material practices around them from behind a Hijab in which they are in. 6:162 Say (Abraham) my prayer, my actions, my life and my death is for the Lord of the worlds.

A Muslim women’s Hijab is a symbol of such presence while being absent, and an exercise for this type of mixture and intermingling with the material world. By having contact from within the Hi jab, women are able to undertake their social responsibilities while at the same time preserving their beauty and the essence of humanity.

Boundaries are set establishing a distance between a world of illusion and darkness and world of truth and light.

Hijab symbolizes God’s glory as the protection of woman’s beauty, purity and dignity while she is simultaneously descending in the material world and appearing in the society and community. Divine majesty, awe and glory create a barrier and a Hijab which prevents outsiders from having access to the sacred area. To men, who tend to manifest more of the glory of the Lord instead of beauty, Islam recommends practicing modesty, softness and beauty in order to reach the level of being a complete human being.

Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and protect their chastity since this will lead to their purity.
Be fore addre s sing women, the Quran commands men to refrain from lustful and covetous looks towards women outside marriage. The man and woman’s true essence is one and the same given that it is defined by its relationship to the core essence of humanness, humanity and the soul.

Therefore, both personify divine beauty and glory.

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