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Ways to cope when your baby spills milk

  • Dress or change your baby before feeds when their stomach is not full.
  • Wind your baby several times during feeds (see below for wind).
  • Use a towel to cover yourself after feeds, to catch the milk.
  • Have lots of large bibs.
  • Have a towel with you to put under your baby where they are sitting or lying during feeds.
  • After feeds, sit your baby up on your lap or in a bouncinette for a short period.
  • Raise the head end of the cot or bassinette by putting a book under each of the legs at the head end. To stop your baby slipping under the blankets, make up the bed with your baby’s feet at the bottom so that there is no space for them to slip down under the blankets.

Using feed thickeners and other medications can also help reduce the spilling and unsettledness. Talk with your Plunket nurse, well child health provider or doctor about these options.

See a doctor if you are worried or your baby:

  • has poor weight gain
  • appears to be in pain
  • is difficult to settle or becomes more unsettled
  • is spilling more
  • is spilling large amounts
  • vomits violently (projectile vomiting)
  • has green vomit

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