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Wastefulness and extravagance

If a person makes use of God-given blessings in an excessive manner he has conducted an act of wastefulness and extravagance and he will be accountable for his performance. This is not something merely related to individual life, but at the macro level, every society must adjust its uses and requirements based on a precise and calculated plan in congruity with its revenue and national production so as to protect and strengthen its political and economic independence.

The Holy Qur’an has explicitly negated extravagance and has termed squanderers as brothers of Satan and prodigals as dwellers of hell.

Any action going beyond its limits quantitatively or qualitatively is considered as extravagance and the same is true about anything even very insignificant that is not used for the sake of obeying God.

Therefore, using the existing facilities more than needed to using them without any rational or optimal application is an act of extravagance. Some consider two kinds of wastefulness. In the first case, the property is wasted. This means using the property in a way that is not right. The second case means using a property more than required.

Extravagance is a comprehensive term that includes any sort of wastefulness quantitatively or qualitatively and it has been proven today that avoiding gluttony is an important principle as far as human health is concerned. Based on scientific researches, many diseases are caused by excessive food remaining inside the body. These excessive foods put pressure on the heart and other body organs and are also susceptible to diseases and infections. Gluttony or overeating is the main cause of these excessive foods remaining inside the body and moderation from the nutritional point of view as well as sufficient exercise are the only options for curing diseases resulting from blood fat, liver deficiencies, contraction of blood vessels and diabetes. Meanwhile, it has become clear today that acts of extravagance and wastefulness by some people can cause hunger and deprivation for other innocent people and this is considered as an inhumane action.

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