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Walk Off the Weight Anywhere

Get ready to be inspired: This workout trio may just make winter your favorite walking season. Head outdoors for a routine that cranks up the intensity, helps keep your muscles warm, and ensures a quick return home.

If getting outside is impossible, we've also provided an at-home treadmill workout; we even have a fitness walk you can do while shopping at the mall! "The more options you have, the more likely you'll be to stick to an exercise routine, no matter what the weather," says certified personal trainer Kate Larsen, author of Progress Not Perfection: Your Journey Matters. Keep up the hard work all season long, and by spring, you might be shopping for a smaller size!

Pace Yourself for Best Results

Here are the pace and exertion levels you'll find in these workouts:

Easy: You can sing
Moderate: You can talk freely
Brisk: You can talk but you'd rather not
Fast: You're huffing and puffing
Sprint: You can't go for longer than 30 seconds

Hop on the Treadmill

350 calorie burner
This hill-heavy routine sculpts and strengthens thighs and glutes, says creator Jennifer Renfroe, Tread N' Shed treadmill class instructor Regional Director of Group Fitness for Crunch Gym in Atlanta. "Feel free to adjust the speed and incline depending on your personal fitness level," she advises.
What You'll Need: A treadmill with an incline adjustment

The Routine

Duration: 45 minutes
0-2:00 Easy walk (warm-up)
2:01-5:00 Moderate walk
5:01-10:00 Hill drill: Brisk walk, increasing incline one level every minute
10:01-12:00 Lower incline to level 1 and walk briskly
12:01-17:00 Hill drill: Brisk walk, increasing speed by 0.1 MPH and incline by one level every minute
17:01-19:00 Lower incline to level 2 and walk at a moderate pace
19:01-20:00 Raise incline to level 5 and walk briskly
20:01-24:00 Hill drill: Brisk walk, increasing speed by 0.1 MPH and incline by one level every minute
24:01-26:00 Lower incline to level 2 and walk at a moderate pace
26:01-40:00 Repeat minutes 19:01-26:00 two times
40:01-45:00 Easy walk, return incline to level 1 (cool-down)

Hit the Mall

400 calorie burner

Many shopping malls open early for walkers, and some, like Minnesota's Mall of America, even have walking clubs. (Contact malls in your area to find a club near you.)

What You'll Need: Your usual walking gear--even shorts if you want!

The Routine

Duration: 1 hour

0-2:00 Easy walk (warm-up)
2:01-4:00 Moderate walk
4:01-10:00 Brisk walk
10:01-30:00 Fast walk
30:01-33:00 Walking lunges
33:01-35:00 Bench push-ups
35:01-45:00 Fast walk
45:01-47:00 Squat walk-ups
47:01-49:00 Stair hops
49:01-51:00 Triceps dips
51:01-57:00 Brisk walk
57:01-60:00 Easy walk (cool-down)

Mall Moves

Bench Push-Up

Place hands shoulder-width apart on back of bench or railing. Walk feet back so body forms a diagonal line. Bend elbows and lower chest toward bench. Hold for one count, then straighten arms.

Squat Walk-Up

Stand facing staircase with feet together. Place right foot on second step and bend knees, sitting back into squat. Climb stairs two at a time, maintaining squat position as much as possible.

Stair Hops

Stand facing staircase with feet together. Hop onto first step, landing with knees bent. Step backward off step, one foot at a time. Repeat hopping onto bottom step and stepping off it, alternating feet.

Walking Lunge

Step left foot forward about 3 feet, letting arms swing naturally. Bend left knee until left thigh is nearly parallel to floor and right is near floor. Keep left knee over ankle and abs tight. Stand, bringing right foot next to left one. Then step right foot forward and repeat.

Triceps Dips

Sit on edge of bench with hands next to hips, grasping seat edge. Slide butt off bench and walk feet forward so knees are over ankles. Lower butt toward floor, bending elbows up to 90 degrees. Keep elbows pointing behind you. Hold for one count, then straighten arms.

Get Outside
200 calorie burner

"The jumping and sprinting in this workout really challenge muscles, providing additional sculpting," says Therese Iknoian, a California-based exercise physiologist, author of Fitness Walking, and creator of this workout. The built-in bonus of braving the cold: You burn calories just staying warm.

What You'll Need: Essential winter gear
On the bottom: A fabric like Coolmax® that wicks away sweat
Middle: An insulating fleece such as Polartec®
Top: Something wind-resistant and waterproof, like GORE-TEX®
Shoes: Water-resistant and warm with slip-proof treaded or lug soles
Hat and gloves: Soft fleece fabrics that won't itch or chafe against your skin

The Routine

Duration: 30 minutes

0-2:00 Easy walk (warm-up)
2:01-4:00 Moderate walk, lifting knees for 60 seconds, then circling arms backward (30 seconds) and forward (30 seconds)
4:01-7:00 Brisk walk
7:01-8:00 Climb stairs or step off and onto a curb
8:01-9:00 Do push-ups against a tree, bench, or other sturdy object
9:01-9:30 Bend knees and jump to touch overhead branch or sign; repeat
9:30-11:00 Brisk walk
11:01-15:00 Repeat minutes 7:01-11:00
15:01-25:00 Alternate fast walking and sprinting to landmarks located 50 yards apart (about half a football field)
25:01-28:00 Brisk walk
28:01-30:00 Easy walk (cool-down)

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