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View of Ayatullah al‑`Uzma Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Behjat regarding the Istikhara

Adapted from: "Istikhara: Seeking the Best from Allah (swt)" by: "Muhammad Baqir Haideri"

"Regarding the instances in which one should perform an Istikhara ‑ after seeking advice from those people who are well informed and knowledgeable, if there still remains doubt, then and only then should one perform an Istikhara.

The various types and methods of Istikhara have been mentioned in Mafatih al‑Jinan and the various books of ahadith. As for the question that is anyone able to perform an Istikhara by the Qur'an or Tasbih beads for himself or not, it must be stated that if all the conditions and etiquette are followed, then it is not a problem."

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