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Veil, is the pure essence of Islam to women (Part 1)

Hijab or Covering is a form of protection, maintenance of chastity, and aid in the avoidance of negative temptations in society for women and men alike. When women cover, they provide dimensions of moral character and dignity, not only for themselves, but also for society.

In general, men tend to be initially inclined and instinctively attracted to the physical beauty of women. Women are also attracted to men, but in general, the physical structure of women is more personable than that of men. This is one additional reason why Muslim women are required to cover.

Most importantly, however, it is to protect women from being victimized. It is well noted that throughout history women have been victims of physical, mental, and emotional abuse within societies. Many societies have exploited and dishonored women; therefore, Islam wanted (and wants) to shield her honor and dignity by protecting her physical nature.

Besides protecting the honor of women, religions wanted to inculcate upon men the importance of women in the sphere of life. Men are to regard women in a dignified manner and value them as equal human beings. The acknowledgment of a woman should not be based on her physical appearance or structure; respect and acknowledgment must be focused on her character, her intelligence, and her moral qualities.

Allah has commanded us with every action that is good for us and prohibited us from performing every action that is bad for us. Allah orders the Muslim woman to wear the Hijab when she steps out of the security of her home or when in the presence of strange men. So to wear the Hijab is a source of great good for you – the Muslim woman - for many reasons. Among them:

• You please Allah. You are obeying the commands of your Lord when you wear the Hijab and you can expect great rewards in return.

• It is Allah’s protection of your natural beauty. You are too precious to be "on display" for each man to see.

• It is Allah’s preservation of your chastity.

• Allah purifies your heart and mind through the Hijab.

• Allah beautifies your inner and outer countenance with Hijab. Outwardly your Hijab reflects innocence, purity, modesty, shyness, serenity, contentment and obedience to your Lord. Inwardly you cultivate the same.

• Allah defines your femininity through the Hijab. You are a woman who respects her womanhood. Allah wants you to be respected by others, and for you to respect yourself.

• Allah raises your dignity through the Hijab. When a strange man looks at you, he respects you because he sees that you respect yourself.

• Allah protects your honour 100% through your Hijab. Men do not gaze at you in a sensual way, they do not approach you in a sensual way, and neither do they speak to you in a sensual way. Rather, a man holds you in high esteem and that is just by one glance at you!

• Allah gives you nobility through the Hijab. You are noble not degraded because you are covered not naked.

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