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Use movement to calm your crying baby

  • pick up your crying baby. Carry, or gently rock your baby or use any kind of slow, rhythmical movement. Try not to do too many things at once. If you realise your are patting and jigging and shooshing and swaying all at the same time, try to slow down
  • try putting your baby in a pouch or sling. Walk around and see if you can get on with your daily routine
  • put your baby in a pram and walk around outside. First wrap your baby in a sheet or other wrap and then put the pram harness on. This will keep your baby safe and still while the pram is moving. Babies like the feel of a gentle breeze; they like to see the movement of trees and shadows but don't like the sun in their eyes. Go for a walk in a quiet place where you can feel more relaxed. Stay away from people who are likely to be critical of your baby's crying because their comments may increase your anxiety
  • use a bouncinette for short periods. Make sure to use the harness or belt and use the bouncinette on the floor, not on a table, or bench
  • you may like oto try going for a drive in the car in an attempt to settle your baby. Make sure your baby is in a child restraint approved for use in New Zealand (see fact sheet on Car seats on this website)

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