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Understanding the divine traditions

By studying the verses related to this concept, one will realize that divine tradition refers to basic and solid rules either creative or legislative (based on divine Sharia) that do not undergo any change and such rules have been governing the past generations, the current one and the future generations.

Comprehending the divine traditions will enhance the wisdom and insight of human beings towards factors that increase the blessings and at the same time better realize the factors that cause poverty, deprivation and catastrophes. Hence, by observing the limits set by God and adopting a rational and proper model, the person will be able to make efforts and pay more attention to factors that lead to further blessings and avoid those factors that bring about deprivation and misery.

By observing the verses of holy Qur’an concerning divine traditions and the subject of consumption, one can conclude that being thankful to God for his blessings will enhance such blessings and ingratitude will bring about deprivations and mishaps.

Having faith in God and remembering God will bring about well-being and comfort

Having faith in God and gaining further cognizance will bring about a feeling of calmness and will eliminate concerns. The person through his faith in the infinite power of God and belief in the afterlife will not merely concentrate on accumulating wealth or obtaining a higher position or enjoying worldly pleasures. On the other hand, the person will focus on obeying the divine orders and fulfilling his individual and social responsibilities and by having faith in God who obtains sustenance for all creatures will not fear any calamity, mishap or ailment. He also believes that death marks the end of a short and temporary life and the beginning of an ever-lasting life and in this way death will not be portrayed as a horrible and sorrowful nightmare, because such a person considers this world as a place for examination and a temporary place for attaining happiness and prosperity both in this world and the hereafter.

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