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Twist and Turn

Adopted from the book: "The rights of prisoners according to Islamic teachings" by: "Sayyid Muhammad Sadiq al-Shirazi"

On the method of investigations by one of the judges, it is reported that a man came to the judge and said to him, "a friend and I owned some money that we buried in the vicinity of tree outside the town for safe keeping.

After a while I needed the money and my friend and I went to the location to excavate the money, but there was no trace of any money in the place that we had buried it. I strongly believe that my friend had taken the money, since no one else knows about the money we had buried there."

The judge asked the man if he had any witness or proof for his claim. The man replied "No. Except that no one else knows about this." The judge summoned the friend and asked him about the money and the tree, he denied all knowledge about them.

The judge then asked the friend to remain there for a while to which he obliged. The judge then asked the claimant to go to the tree near which the money was buried and check again. The man said, "What is the use of this action?"

The judge said, "Perhaps the man who had taken the money changed his mind and brought the money back or you might find him there, and take the money from him." The man was not satisfied with the idea, but did what the judge had asked him to do. A while after the claimant had left the judge said to the friend, "It seems that your friend is taking too long.

" The friend said, "no he is not." The judge asked "Why not?" the friend said, "Since the tree is too far out from town." The judge then turned to the friend and said, "You have now admitted you know where the tree is . . . you must now bring forth the money which you had taken dishonestly." The man had no choice but to give the money to the judge as he inadvertently admitted the whereabouts of the tree.

When the claimant returned, the judge told him, "The only reason I asked you to go to the location of the tree was to give me an opportunity to question him again and extract the admission from him, and my idea worked as I planned, and here is your money."

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