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Twelfth Imam (as)

This is the imam where the number twelve becomes complete, and the promise of Allah is fulfilled by this Imam (ajf). As Allah says in Quran, " Allah will complete His noor even though the kufr (disbelievers) dislike it." This is that noor in whose waiting we are alive. He is our Imam Zamana (ajf). His marifat is wajib (compulsory) upon us, and on the day of judgment it is He whom we will be called with.

Imam (ajf) s sacred name is "Meem Ha Meem Dal". Because it is not allowed to call His name during His ghayabat (occultation), this is why we call Him with the names of Qaim Aal e Muhammad (ajf), Baqiyatullah (ajf), Hz Hujjat (ajf), and Hz Sahib ul Zaman (ajf). Imam (ajf) s father is Imam Hasan Askari (as). Imam (ajf) s mother is Narjis Khatoon (as). Imam (ajf) s noor came into this world on the 15th of Shabaan 254 Hijra. There are some narrations which say 255 and some which say it was 256. Because the government of that time were the worst enemies of Ahlul Bayt ( as), they wanted to assassinate Imam Zamana (ajf). This is why His zahoor (revealment) was kept hidden from the people. Only a few select momin were able to see Imam Zamana (ajf). After the martyrdom of the 11th Imam (as), Imam Zamana (ajf) went into ghayabat (occultation), but He was in contact with some specific momineen. This period was 69 years long.

This is called Ghayabat e Sughra (lesser occultation). In 329 Hijra, Imam (ajf) went into His full ghayabat (occultation). Imam (ajf) is not in contact with anyone. In the last letter written by Imam (ajf), He has pointed out those people who claim to be in contact with Him during His ghayabat ( occultation). "Anyone who claims to see Me before the cry from the heavens and appearance of the dajjal is the most debased liar and accuser against Us."

This time is called the time of complete ghayabat (occultation). No one knows when Imam Zamana (ajf) will reappear. Imam (ajf) will reappear by the or der of Allah. He will fill this world with adl (justice) as it was previously filled by evil and tyranny.

Adopted from the book: "Kashaful Salat" by: "Seyyed Baqir Nisar Zaidi"

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