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Top 10 Housekeeping Tips

  1. Have a place for everything. Resist the urge to pile things up. Having a mail sorter to place the mail in, a shoe bin to hold shoes and dedicated shelf space for storing spare light bulbs makes knowing where to put things and find them a whole lot easier.
  2. Put things away when you’re done with them. By taking the extra minute or two to put things in their proper place once you are finished with them you save yourself from having to go back and put things away later. Added bonus? You’re sure they do get put away.
  3. Clean as you go. When you clean as you go there’s less to clean later. Make it a habit to wipe surfaces down after use and you’re on your way to maintaining a clean environment.
  4. Make cleaning part of your routine. Incorporate making your bed in the morning and clearing your desk of papers at the end of each day into your daily routine. You’ll be amazed by the difference doing so makes.
  5. Get everyone involved. Whether your co-cleaners are your two and four-year-olds or your office mates, encourage everyone to help out with the cleaning and organizing. Setting standards and allowing time for everyone to pitch in can go a long way in keeping the environment clean.
  6. Deep clean at least twice a year. Set aside at least a full day or two each year to deep clean your home or office. Giving yourself a fresh housekeeping start can motivate you and others to maintain it.
  7. Make your home a shoe free zone. Shoes track so much dirt and chemicals into your environment. Making your home a shoe free zone can significantly reduce how much outside is tracked in. While it’s not practical to have people remove their shoes before entering your office or business location, making high traffic areas easy to clean is a practical alternative.
  8. Create storage solutions that work. For some people bins and baskets are perfect storage solutions. For others, closets and cabinets with hidden elaborate storage systems work best. Consider what you’re most likely to use and incorporate it.
  9. Never go to bed or leave the home with dishes in the sink. Make a commitment to making your bed at the start of each day and cleaning your sink at the end of it. Beds and sinks are major focal points and when they’re clean what’s around them looks cleaner.
  10. Make cleaning easy. When housekeeping seems like a difficult chore it’s less likely to get done. Streamline your housekeeping by incorporating housekeeping tasks into your routine, by developing a cleaning schedule and by dealing with paper and products that come into your home or office as soon as possible.

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