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To Whom to Pay Khums after Mudāwarah

Q: It is said that the khums for which we made mudāwarah with any office of His Eminence’s attorneys / representatives should be paid later to the same office. Is that true? Or your Eminence allow us to pay it to another office of yours?
A: The amount one owes due to mudāwarah belongs to the fund of the two blessed shares of khums not to the individual who did mudāwarah. Therefore, it is sufficient to pay it to any of the authorized attorneys / representatives of His Eminence the Supreme leader (d.).
To Do Mudawārah on behalf of others
Q: Is it permissible that somebody do mudāwarah of an amount of khums that another person owes?
A: If he is given the power of attorney by the money owner, it would not be objected.

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