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Things Forbidden (Haraam) During Ihram and in Kaba

What should not be done during Ihram
1. Hunting on land.
2. Sexual intercourse.
3. Kissing of women.
4. Touching women with desire.
5. Looking at a woman with desire, or to sexually frolic with her.
6. Masturbation.
7. Getting married.
8. Using perfumes.
9. Wearing something sewn or anything similar.
10. Applying of kohl.
11. Looking at a mirror.
12. Wearing sandals or socks, for men.
13. Any kind of prohibited act.
14. Disputing.
15. Wearing adornments.
16. Using oils.
17. Removing of hair from the body.
18. Covering of the head for a man.
19. Covering of the face for a woman.
20. Being under a shadow for men.
21. Letting out blood from the body.
22. Cutting nails.
23. Uprooting a tooth.
24. Holding weapons.
Forbidden things in the sacred House Kaba
1. Hunting on land.
2. Uprooting a tree and planting it.
3. Punishment (hadd).
4. Taking something found inside the House.

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