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The Youth and Abdominal School

Adopted from the book : "A Glance at the World of Youth" by : "Al-Balagh Foundation"

Education, knowledge and preparing for life, is a fundamental issue in human life, hence, whoever lacks a good education, which prepares him to be beneficial to the community and be a good mannered person, morally and spiritually, becomes very dangerous, both to himself and his community. And a person who lacks sufficient knowledge and awareness in his life, is an ignorant fellow who harms himself and his community, neither playing a role in the growth of himself or his community. Consequenthy, ignorant parents will not know how to educate their children; an ignorant wife will not know how to deal with her husband, and an ignorant farmer will not know how to use modern ways on his farm and, likewise, an ignorant rich man will not be able to use his wealth and property correctly.

This is how ignorance affects every angle of life. More than that, ignorance is the source of all evils and backwardness and even being the fundamental cause of all crimes in the society. Thus, an ignorant society will not be able to undertake any plans of development or preventing crime, or solving its political, security, economic an social problems.

Likewise, an illiterate youth or he who does not have enough knowledge and awareness will not be able to play any role in the development of the society, nor help himself or his family, as expected. The researches and statistics show that illiteracy and ignorance, as well as, lack of consciousness and civilization are among the fundamental causes of youths' problems. Therefore, the problems of illiteracy and unemployment are among the most important problems which face the states and the families. Furthermore, there are the problems of school abandoning in the primary, secondary or university level. Surely, they are among the greatest problems which direct the life and future of the youths towards danger, and encourage them towards idleness, wandering, committing crimes and other vices. Indeed, abandoning school has its own spiritual, intellectual, social, economic, psychological and, sometimes, health problems. Also, vagrancy and loss of shelter resulting from political persecutions, and having no peaceful stability, play their greatest roles in the abandoning of school and the spread of illiteracy. Likewise, the mistreatment by school authorities or teachers' bad conduct toward the students, contribute, immensely, to the abandoning of school by some students.

Certainly, a student's facing psychological problems may be caused by the family, parents' bad conduct or problems among themselves. Even the problem of divorce often causes a split between children or the slackness of the parents toward their children's education and welfare, as well as, preparing ways for the continuation of their education may all play a part in the disruption of a child's education and cause some students to abandon school.

Also, lack of desire towards education by a student, and his relation with bad friends and those who are unsuccessful in their lives, helps a lot in the abandoning of school by a student. However, poverty is among the most important factors in causing the giving up of studies, because poor families cannot provide the necessary needs for their children to study, which contributes in the abandoning of school by a student in the early stage, and will leave him with insufficient means to find a good job that will support his social needs. Thus, these problems, and the like, need to be thoroughly studied in order to find suitable solutions to them.

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