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The true beliefs of Shia religion - Who is Shia?

If someone claims to be a scientist but does not know what science is or if s omeone claims to be a cricketer but has no knowledge of cricket, then no one will accept either of them, as a scientist or cricketer. Likewise, if someone claims to be a Shia but has no knowledge of what a Shia is, then that person can never be a S hia. The whole world will consider him ignorant.

It is compulsory on anyone who c laims to be a Shia to be aware of the reality of the word "Shia". It is compulsory for him to know the truth of the Shia religion, beliefs, methods of worship, and those things which not only include one in the Shia religion but also those things which will exclude one from the religion.

In short a person cannot be a real Shia simply by labeling themselves as a Shia, or because they happened to be born in a Shia family. No one can be Shia unless they have full knowledge regarding the Shia religion.

There are two kinds of religion, religion by birth and religion by option. In religion by birth, the person has no choice. He is completely dependent upon the family in which he was born into.

This type of religion is totally worthless. This is only a label which is automatically placed upon him. It has no effect upon his personality. In our society, a vast majority of people belong to this type of religion. To Allah, their value is not more than the animals who wander here and there in the jungles. The true religion is religion by option. W hatever religion one selects, he must have solid proofs regarding his choice. This only becomes possible after he has studied the religion intensely and gained all of the knowledge regarding its tenets.

Description of Shia

If you look in the dictionary, you will find many different meanings of the word Shia. For example, follower, group, party, supporter, etc. So when the word Shia is spoken, immediately these questions come into the mind; Whose Shia? W hose follower? Whose group? W hose party? Whose supporters? Unless you find the answer to these questions, the word Shia has absolutely no value.

In the time of Ameerul Momineen Hz Ali (as) ibn Abi Talib (as), there were two types of Shia. One was "Shiaian e Ali (as)" and the other was shiaian e muawiaya (la). Later the shiaian e muawiaya (la) changed their name, and only the Shiaian e Ali (as) remained. Because Shia are so beloved by Allah, He has made such an arrangement where the Shia and Ali (as) are associated with each other for eternity. So now the Shia is one who will be the Shia of Moula Ali (as).

He cannot be Shia of anyone else.

This is a great blessing and kindness from Allah that even the shiaian e muawiya (la) do not like to call themselves "Shia . Whenever the word Shia is spoken, it is meant only for the Shiaian e Ali (as). So we must understand if we call ourselves "Shia , then we are only the Shia of Moula Ali (as). W e are the group of Moula Ali (as). We are the party of Moula Ali ( as). W e are the supporters of Moula Ali (as).

Alhamdulilah there is not one single part of our religion which is without Moula Ali (as). W hether it is the kalima, adhan, iqama, namaz (prayer), everywhere you will find Moula Ali (as). If someone excludes Moula Ali (as) from any part of the religion, then he will no longer be a Shia. He will become a munafiq (hypocrite). The meaning of being a Shia is to be associated with Moula Ali (as).We cannot disassociate ourselves from Moula Ali (as) even for the blink of an eye or even if we find ourselves in a loss.

Adopted from the book: "Kashaful Salat" by: "Seyyed Baqir Nisar Zaidi"

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