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The Traditions about the Compilation of the Qur’an - Part 2

Adapted from: "The Collection and Preservation of the Qur'an" by: "Ayatullah al-Khui"

Report n. 6
6. Muhammad b. Sheen says:
"Umar got killed, without having compiled the Qur'an".
Report n. 7
7. Al‑Hasan says:
"Once Umar b. al‑Khattab inquired about a verse in the Qur'an. Someone said: "It was with so and so, but he was killed on the day of Yamamah".
Umar replied: "To Allah we belong!" Then he ordered the compilation of the Qur'an. So he was the first to compile it into a book form".
Report n. 8
8. Yahya b. Abdir Rehman b. Hatib says:
"Umar wished to compile the Qur'an, so he stood among the people and said: Anyone from you who had heard part of the Qur'an from the Messenger of Allah, should come to us with it'. They had written down parts of the Qur'an on pages, boards and palm‑branches. Umar did not accept anything unless it was supported by two witnesses. He was killed while the compilation continued.
Then Uthman took over. He said: `Anyone who has someth­ing of the Qur'an with him should bring to us'. And he never accepted anything without having two witnesses. Then Khuzaimah b. Thabit came to him and said: "I find that you have left out two verses which you have not recorded". They asked: "Which are they"? He said: "I have received from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny):
لقد جاءكم رسول من انفسكم عزيز عليهما عنتم..
till the end of the Surah. So Uthman said: "And I bear witness that these two verses are from Allah. Now, tell us where do you want us to place them?" Khuzaimah said: "Place them at the end of what was last revealed of the Qur'an". So Baraah was ended with them".
Report n. 9
9. Ubaid b. Umair said:
"Umar never recorded any verse in the compilation till it was witnessed by two men. Then a man from Ansar brought to him these two verses:
لقد جاءكم رسول من انفسكم عزيز عليه ماعنتم
till its end. Umar said: I shall never ask you to substantiate these. The Messenger of Allah was indeed like that'.3
Report n. 10
10. Sulaiman b. Arqam reports from Al‑Hasan and Ibn Sirin and Ibn Shihab Az‑Zuhri. They said:
"In the battle of Yamamah, massacre spread among reciters of the Qur'an, killing four hundred men. Then Zaid b. Thabit met Umar b. al‑Khattab and told him: `This Qur'an binds us to our faith. If Qur'an vanishes, our faith vanishes also. I have decided to compile the Qur'an in a book form'. Umar asked him to withhold till he had consulted Abu Bakr. They went to Abu Bakr and informed him about the intention. He said: `Do not make haste. Wait till I have consulted the Muslims'. Then he stood to address the people and informed them about the intention. They said: "You have made the right decision". So they compiled the Qur'an. Then Abu Bakr ordered a herald to announce among people: "Whoever has any part of the Qur'an with him should come up with it".
Report n. 11
11. Khuzaimah b. Thabit reports:
"I brought the following ayah to Umar b. al‑Khattab and Zaid b. Thabit:
لقد جاءكم رسول من انفسكم...
Zaid asked: "Who bears witness with you?" I said: "No. I do not know anyone". So Umar said: "I bear witness with him for the ayah".
Report n. 12
12. Abu Ishaq reports from some of his friends. They said:
"When Umar had completed the collection of the Qur'an, he inquired: "Who is most well versed in Arabic?" They said: "Saeed b. al‑Aas". Then he asked: "Who is most proficient writer?" They said: "Zaid b. Thabit". He said: "Then Saeed should dictate and Zaid should write down". So they transcribed four copies of the Qur'an. A copy each was sent to Kufah, Basrah, Syria and Hijaz".
Report n. 13
13. Abdullah b. Fadhalah says:
"When Umar decided to write down the master copy of the Qur'an, he appointed a group of his companions for it and they said: "When you have any disagreement over the language. write it down in the dialect of Mudhar. Because Qur'an came down to a man from the family of Mudhar".
  • 3. This tradition in Muntakhab of Kanzul Ummal has been repor­ted by Yahya b. Ju'dah.

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