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The Things Forbidden to the Nafsa'

The things which were fobidden to the hayz are also forbidden to the nafsa'.

She is forbidden from touching the Qur'an. Stay­ing in a mosque or putting something in it is not allow­ed to her; passing through a mosque is only allowed if she enters from one door and without stopping goes out of another. But she cannot even pass through the Sacred Mosque of Mecca and the Prophet's Mosque at Medina. She cannot recite the verses of sajdah. And sex­ual intercourse with her is forbidden.

She is also excused from salat. Like a hayz, she is not even required to perform them as qaza. She is also exempted from fasting, but in this case she has to fast afterwards as qaza.

Adopted from the book : "The Ritual Ablutions for Women (Taharatu N-Nisa')" by : "Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi"

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