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The Social and Educational Bulding

The Islamic ideology had played a big role on the level of the social and educational building, one can state it in the following points:

Firstly: Agitating the social feeling:

Man before Islam was concentrating upon himself in his social behavior, he sets up in his communications with others through the view point of his desires and interests, driven far away with his selfishness. He had fallen down in his social behavior to the degree of burying his newborn gird alive for fear from poverty and starvation. This matter required the divine intervention to rescue the innocent souls from this ugly social habit, Allah (be exalted) says: “Don’t kill your children for fear of poverty” 84

The thing which draws one’s attention mostly is that pre-Islamic man who was moving around himself and his interests had become after his interaction with the elixir of belief ready to sacrifice himself and every precious thing he has for the sake of his religion and society, the horizons of change in his spirit had reached the level at which he prefers the interests of his society to his own interests.

The level of altruism which the “Ansaar” (proponants) showed to the “Muhajireen” (emigrants) is very clear to every one, as they shared them with every thing they possessed even with their homes and wares, this level of alturism had not been restricted to some individuals, rather it represented a social phenomenon that the history of humanity had not witnessed its like at all. In this phenomenon Qur’an verses were revealed from Heaven blessing this compassion, commemorating a society qualified with it as an example of social coherence and brother hood…Allah (be exalted) Has said:

“It is for the poor who fled, those who were driven from their homes and their possessions, seeking grace of Allah and His pleasure and assisting Allah and His Apostle: these it is that are the truthful, and those who made their abode in the city and faith before them love those who have fled to them and don’t find in their hearts a need of what they are given, and prefer (them) before themselves though poverty may afflict them, and whoever is preserved from the niggard liness of his soul, these it is that are the successful ones” 85

Islam pulls down foundations in the social pre-Islamic building which consolidate the classical and tribal partition, which consisted of two basic classes, the class of the nobles and the class of slaves. The class of nobles should remain as such: wealths are collected at their hands! They monopolize stature and prominence.

Whereas those of the class of slaves should remain as self moving in the orbit of their Lord…so Islam tore out these bases and established other bases that put people equal in one level in the right of life and stature Allah (be exalted) says: “O you men! Surely we have created you of a male and a female, and made you tribes and families that you may know each other, surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the most pious.” 86

So those people in the class of slaves had been released and enjoyed their right in life. Ammar, Selmaan, and Belaal rose to higher level than the class of nobles of Qureish which were still wandering in the aberrations of ignorance such as Alwaleed bin Almugheera, Hishaam Ibnal Hakam and Abbisuffian and the like…

Even funds and money are no more a monopoly to rich people in order to be wealthier, Allah (be exalted) Has said: “Whatever Allah has restored to His Apostle from the people of the towns, it is for Allah and for the Apostle and for the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarers, so that it may not be a thing taken by turns among the rich of you, and whatever the Apostle gives you, accept it, and from whatever he forbids you keep back, and be careful of your duty to Allah: surely Allah is severe in retributing evil” 87


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Adapted from: "The Role of Ideology in Constructing The Human Being" by: "Ar-Risaleh Center"

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