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The Ruling Party

Adopted from the book : "Fadak in History" by : "Shahid Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr"

Fatima said : "you lurk to bring us adversities and look forward to hearing bad news ( which bring misfortunes to us)".

This speech was adressed to the ruling party,which claimed that what Fatima ascribed to her addressees, made them hesten the homage for fear of the sedition to occur. Her speech was a clear accusation for this party to prepare the terrible plot and to compact the plans waiting for the suitable oppurtunity in order to seize the rule and to divest the hashimite house of it.

It was show in the previous chapters that the secret agreement between Abu Bakr,Omar and Abu Obada was proved by the historical facts.

We did not have to expect matarial evidence more perfect than Fatima's speech for she lived with those difficult circumstances.Certainly she perceived the event of that time really, correctly and accurately more than the researchers, who came hundreds of years later to analyze those event.
And for the right of the reseach, we have to record that Fatima (s) was the first -if her husband was not the first to declear the partisan assortment of the ruling party.She accused them of political plotting then she was followed,in this thought, by some of her contemporaries like Imam Ali'(s) and Mu'awiya bin Abu sufyan.1

As long as this party,which Fatima (s) confirmed its existence,Imam Ali (s) referred to and Mu'awiya glimpsed at was controlling the rule and fate of the umma and as long as the following ruling families,which directed all the public utilities of their interests,followed the same basis of the party and elements of that of the partisans method which dazed the Islamic world,it is very natural that we do not see in history or at least the general history a clear image of that party,whose first partisans tried their best to colour their deeds with the pure legal color, which was too far from their political colors and secret agreemets.

Fatima said : "Then you branded other than your camels and went to other than your drinking places.You did so and the age of the prophet was still recent,the wound was still wide and not yet healed,and the prophet was not yet buried. Did you so quickly claim the fear of sedition? Surely into sedition have they already tumbled down,and most surely hell encompasses the unbelievers. By Allah, it was impregnated so wait until it bears then milk its blood ... then they will perish who say false things and the successors will know what bad the earlier ones have established.Be at ease and wait relaxedly for the sedition.Rejoice at a sharp sword,general commotion and despotism, which will make your victuals so insignificant and your gathering seperate. Alas for you!"2

If Abu Bakr and his two friends formed a party having special intents,it would be vain for us to expect that they would declare of it or announce the basic lines of their program, by which they would justify their situation on the day of the saqeefa; nevertheless there must be a justification and an interpretation.

It was clear that they hastened and longed eargerly to completed the homage to one of them and to seize the high position in a way that it was supposed that they were prudent and having minds that did not think except of the benefit of Islam and did not care for keeping high positions. The possession of authority and seizing of ranks would not be the aim of Muhammad's descipless.

The rulers felt that and percieved that their situation was somewhat odd so they wanted to patch it by claiming their keeping to the high aims and fearing for Islam from a sedition tehat might do away with it.What they forgot was that the patch always would expose itself and the new threads inserted in the dress would lead to show the patch.Therefore Fatima (s) declared her eternal word:"You claimed that you feard of sedition (Surely into sedition have they already tumbled down, and most surely hell encompasses the the unbelievers. Quran,9:499) Yes, it was the sedition or the source of seditions definately. How wonderful you were O daughter of the prophet,when you took the mask off the bitter truth and predicted for your father's umma a terrible future, in whose sky red clouds would lighten to make rivers of blood full of skulls! How wonderful you were when reproached those persons with their bad deeds by saying : (Surely into sedition have they already tumbled down, and most surely hell encompasses the unbelievers.

1- Refer to Murooj ath-Thahab, vol.3, p.199 and Waq'at Siffen by Nasr bin Muzahim p.119-120.

2- Sharh Nahjul Balagha, vol.16 p.234.

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