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The Rules of Artificial Insemination (For Women)

·    Issue 991: It is permissible to enter (implant) the sperm of man into the womb of his wife by injection or other means. However, it is obligatory the prerequisites of the action be permissible and lawful and that the forbidden and unlawful are avoided.


·    Issue 992: It is not permissible to implant the sperm of a non-related man in the womb of a woman, whether it is with the permission of the woman or without her permission, whether she has a husband or not, whether her husband gives permission for that or not. If they do this and a child is born from it, if it resulted from confusion that a man thought it was for his wife or the wife thought it was the sperm of her husband and, later, it appeared otherwise, the child is from the same couple and the rules for the child will apply.


However, when this comes about with knowledge or intent and (awareness) that it is unlawful, the child born from this sperm is not considered a child for the two and the rules of inheritance do not include the child. As for when the child is a girl, it is not permissible for the owner of the sperm to marry her. Likewise it is in the remaining issues related to marriage.

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