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The Route of the Revolution

Adopted from the book : "Fadak in History" by : "Shahid Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr"

The way, which the revolutionary lady took,was not long because the hause, from which the spark not long bacauseof the hause , from which the spark and flame of the revolution were amitted, was the hause of Ali. It was called,according to the prophet (s), the hause of the prophethood. It was attached to the mosque.1 Nothing spareted them except one wall. So she might enter the mosque from the door,which between them (the mosque and the house) and leading to the mosque directly or she might enter from the general gate of the mosque.It is not important for us which way she passaed, whereas I think it was the general gate of the mosque because the historical description of her revolutionary movement feels of that .Her entering from her special door did not let her walk in the mosque or to pass away between her house and the mosque so how could the narrator describe her gai that it was exactly like the gait1 of the prophet? so her walk would not lead her to the caliph but it would begin from there because if some one came into the mosque, while the narrator considered her coming in to the caliph after her walking. This confirmed what we thought.

1- As it was mentioned by Ahmad bin Hanbal in his musnad vol.4p.369 and ibn katheer in his Tareekh vol.3p.355 that some of the prophet's companions had doors (of their houses ) opened to the mosque.the prophet ordered to be closed except the door of Ali's house.

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