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The Role which the ideology played in building man on the Psychological Level

The ideology participated in creating a feeling of safety, and security to the human being whatever hardships are around him.

It followed different manners to lighten the miseries which man faces suddenly, some of these manners are:

Showing the nature of this world as it is a place of afflictions and examination filled with the currents of tribulations, which befall man from every direction.

So it is impossible for man to seek rest and relaxation in this world. He has to seek success in this divine examination, as it is a place of performing man’s duties.

The ideology has enlightened the bitterness of afflictions through its emphasis that they involve every good reward; it also drew man’s attention to the great affliction, which is the affliction with one’s religion, which enlightens the impresses of small secular distresses.

The belief had released spirits, from the fears, which paralyses man’s activities withhold his energy, it also urged man to know himself as it is very difficult to get control over it and curb it without this knowledge. It is then, impossible to know Allah (be exalted) without knowing the self.

We have deduced, throughout the research, that the psychological dangerous diseases such as fanaticism, miserliness and egocentrism, lead to very dangerous social and political results, such as the affliction which blew away Moslems in “Alsaqeefa” that Imam Ali (A.S.) showed its psychological roots.

Adapted from: "The Role of Ideology in Constructing The Human Being" by: "Ar-Risaleh Center"

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