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The Role which the ideology played in building man on the Intellecutal Level

It considered man to be a respected being. It regards sin as an incidental thing, which can be treated by repentance. Hence it makes man feel that he has the ability to advance it does not disappoint him of Allah’s mercy and pardon.

The Islamic ideology released man from the political dictatorship of unjust governors. It also freed him from the habit of idolizing human beings, it granted him his freedom but it confined it to the limits of Islamic law least it results in chaos; it also connected human freedom with the servitude to Allah only and the attentive, voluntary submission to His authority.

It also freed man from his lusts and from worshipping the phenomenons of nature around him.

It also freed him from legendries and myths in beliefs and behavior.

It carried out the operation of building man through the operation of releasing the mind, so it gave mind a great position, it recognized its role, opened to it vast cognitive horizons. It also opened to it the window of the unseen, and released it from the captivity of the narrow circle of senses, directed his creative power towards contemplation and taking lessons of Allah’s signs in horizons and selves and considered its contemplation one of the best worships.

The ideology did not restrict itself to this but it directed the energy of the mind to discover the laws of history, which control over nations and peoples. It also directed the mind to know the wisdom of “Teshreea” (the Islamic laws) to solidate Moslem’s certainty of the suitability of his “Share’a” to every time and place.

It also urged the Moslem from another side, to acquire science and knowledge, it-connected knowledge with belief. Every separation between them leads to destructive results. It also directed the mind to independent contemplation and attentive notes, to derive the results from certain premises and call the Muslim not to imitate others in understanding the basic principals of religion.

Adapted from: "The Role of Ideology in Constructing The Human Being" by: "Ar-Risaleh Center"

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