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The Rites of the Mufradah Umrah

529. The rites of the Mufradah Umrah are eight:
I. The niyyah.
II. To declare and assume ihraam from one of the miqaat's designated locations previously mentioned, if the adult passed by one of them. If one did not pass by one of them, he should declare and assume ihraam from his hometown, if it was outside the [borders of] Haram, but closer to the Haram than the miqaat. If the adult was within the limits of the Haram, he should then declare the ihraam from the borders of the Haram. As for the one who was inside the holy city of Makkah, he should leave Makkah for Masgid al-Taneem al-Taneem mosque to declare and assume the ihraam from.
III. tawaaf of seven rounds around the sacred Kabah, as mentioned previously.
IV. Two-rakah prayer of tawaaf by Maqaam Ibrahim or behind it.
V. say between Safa and Marwah.
VI. halq or taqseer.
VII. Tawaaf al-Nisa', as previously mentioned in the rites of the Tamattu Hajj.
VIII. Two-rakah prayer of Tawaaf al-Nisa'.

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