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The religion of the state versus the religion of 'Ali

Two clear belief systems ran parallel with one another, both claimed to adhere to the true teaching of Islam. One belief system was that propagated by the State. In this regard we have the words of Mu'awiya the fist Ummayad Khalifa. Imam of Ahl'ul Sunnah Allmallakbul bil Mueen ibn Muhammad Sindhi (d. 1161 Hijri) in his Dhirasathul Labeeb page 97 states that:

"Mu'awiya had a forceful order that no one should approach him adhering to the madhab (religion) of 'Ali".

Had the words madhab of Rafidi been used here then there is no doubt that our opponents would have picked up on the fact that the rafidda did not adhere to mainstream Islam. In this reference Mu'awiya is stating his abhorrence to the madhab of 'Ali. If Mu'awiya's madhab was the same, why would he say such a thing? Clearly, he was opposed to the religion of 'Ali and the religion of 'Ali was undoubtedly the religion if Rasulullah (s) - pure unadulterated Islam. Mu'awiya's comments are clear proof that his beliefs, propagated by him at the helm of the State, were not the same as the religion of Imam 'Ali (as).

The clearest proof comes from the classical work of the renowned Hanafi Naqshbandi Scholar, Abdul Rahman Jami (ra):

"One day Hujjaj bin Yusuf said to his followers 'Bring me a follower of 'Ali so that I can attain closeness to Allah (swt). His guards replied "At the moment the only person that we know of is Kumber, and they brought him before Hujjaj. Hujjaj asked him, "Are you that Kumber?", to which he replied "Yes". Hujjaj then asked him "Are you a Servant of 'Ali?" He replied "I am a Slave of Allah (swt) and 'Ali is My Master". Hujjaj then said "Disassociate yourself from his religion", to which Kumber replied "Can you show me a religion better than his?". Hujjaj then said, "I'll kill you". Kumber said "You can kill me today or tomorrow, my Master 'Ali had foretold that I would be murdered by a brutal man". Hujjaj signalled to his executioner, who then killed Kumber". [Shawahid un Nubuwwa, by Abdul Rahman Jami page 285 (Urdu translation by Bashir. H. Nazim), publishers Maktaba Nabawiyya, Gunjbaksh Road, Lahore].

This PROVES that the religion of the State was not the same as the religion of Ali (as). Hujjaj was the Governor of the Eastern Province and was ordering Kumber to leave the 'religion' of 'Ali. Nasibis and Khwarijees may be proud by theses references but alhamdolillah the Shi'a have, despite centuries of persecution and false propaganda, maintained their affiliation with the Imams from the Ahl'ul bayt clinging to the "two weighty things" - seeking solace in the guarantee of the Holy Prophet (s):

"Recognition of the family of Muhammad is freedom from the Fire. Love of the family of Muhammad is crossing over the Sirat. Friendship for the family of Muhammad is safety from the fire" (Ash-Shifa, page 142 by Qadi Iyad, (d.544 Hijri) English translation by Aisha Bewley, Madinah Press 1991; Yanabi al-Mawaddah, al-Qundoozi al-Hanafi, section 65, p370)

Adapted from the book: "Historic Background of Shiism"

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