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The Recommendation of the Adoption of Atomic Energy Unscientific, its Adoption Disastrous

The atomist could be sued in the Court of Science for his gross violation of the dictates of science in recommending the adoption of atomic energy. No force of nature is to be subjected to man's service without first achieving control over that force and producing for the protection against the pernicious effects. The atomic energy has special place in this respect. It has its special insidious hazards that amount to the total extinction of life on earth, and untold miseries and unheard of afflictions. The nuclear scientist at present has very meager knowledge of the subject of nuclear science and has little control over it, while the hazards incident on the atomic energy are unique in nature, and judging from the nature of the subject it appears that there is little hope for attaining to the required knowledge of the subject, and obtaining the required control over it.

The question of knowledge may be judged from the fact that there is no certainty even in the permissible dose of radiation and it may prove erroneous in future with ruinous results. Radiation is harmful in any amount and the only possible method of protection against it is by completely materially covering the source of radiation. The atomic reactors have the tendency to explode and to inundate the neighboring districts with the flood of radiation, while the people there are left at the mercy of elements. No sure cure for radiation sickness is discovered and none is in sight.

The genetic effects of radiation are irreparable and irreversible, and nothing therefore could be done in that most important of the factors. Mutated genes could not be detected and nothing could be done after the mutated genes have manifested their existence with disastrous effects, that may end in the extinction of all life on earth. These and many more facts are all known to the scientist. But he appears to treat the adoption of atomic energy as an experiment of research-cum-material benefit.

That is, at the same time to conduct the nuclearexperiment on human guinea pigs and to avail the material advantage of theatomic energy. This is the suicidal attitude in the special case of atomicenergy. No but the experiment has to be completed first in the Laboratory andthen the adoption of the atomic energy has to be thought of. This is theverdict of science itself. The experiment of atomic energy means theinvolvement of the entire world in the destruction.

Alas, the scientist likeevery other individual of this age of atomistic materialism has been blinded bythe influence of the three causes of the appearance of the atomic hell,otherwise the problem is not so very difficult to understand. If,however, the atomic-energy-for-peace or for war will be adopted withoutfirst fulfilling, the requisite conditions stated above then no Prophetis required to predict the disastrous ruin of this world, whether it camethrough atomic bombs or whether through the long term effects of the radiationsof atomic-energy-fore-peace in a slow decaying manner.

Adapted from: "Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell" by: "Tebyan"

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