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The Qur'an says "Hatoma" is a Fire

The atomic energy is fire too. Atomic energy from the beginning to the end is fire. In its generation stages it is heat. The initial heat radiation of the atomic bomb is fire. Radiations too are fire. Bequerrel, the discoverer of Radioactivity himself was the first to experience the burn on his skin, next to the pocket in which he had carried a phial of Radium. Edward Teller and Dr. Albert L . Latter wrote on page 156 of their book "Our Nuclear Future", a vicious dragon (Reactor) will spit radioactive fire". In X-ray therapy they use the term Cross fire of radiation. Chemical fire too is fire, but what is the chemical fire to the fire of atomic energy....which (latter) is of the order of millions of degrees and no container on earth could be found to contain it. Tremendous fires are started as a result of the tremendous heat spread in the atmosphere in the event of the explosion of the atomic bomb, yet such fires are not the part of the atomic explosion and are not to be treated as atomic, but are of chemical nature.

Adapted from: "Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell" by: "Tebyan"

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