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The price a woman had to pay for wearing hijab

Noura Janan is a woman who wears the hijab was quoted on a Turkish television channel saying: "If something happens to me I will say that I love Imam Khomeini but not Attaturk." This enraged the secularist groups of the country.

Raja News narrated from Fars News that Upok News (a Turkish news agency) made a detailed report about this woman.

Who is Noura Janan Bazirgan?

At the beginning Turkish media claimed that Noura Janan Bazirgan was a university student who got into trouble because she protected her hijab. But if one takes a step back they will come across important information.

When Mrs. Bazirgan did this she was escorted out of the university by police and sentenced to six months in jain. Noura Janan Bazirgan miscarraiged because of the blows that she recieved by the police. Finally, she sought refuge in Canada. She is the first woman to recieve jail time for wearing Islamic clothing in Turkey.

Bazirgan was hit and dragged out of her final by police while she was a sophmore medical student at a medical university under Istanbul University.

The Canadian refugee services asked Noura in a meeting: "Isn't Turkey an Islamic country?"

It was difficult for Noura to answer this question but she said: "I will return to my country if the hijab problem is fixed."

In those same days she said: "In reality it was not the forbiddance that drove me way from the country. I decided to bring the fight outside the country. If I was that scared that I needed to flee I would not have put myself into so much trouble in Turkey."

During this same time period a Turkish newspaper asked her: "What happened to you in Turkey that made you seek refugee status in Canada?"

She answered: "I was not able to live freely observing my religion there. I was imprisoned for my beliefs. I was tired of all of the threats that were sent my way from police and political groups."

She said: "I mentioned this to the court as well. I told them that I was unable to stroll in my country because of me being a Muslim. Secularists would make fun of my at every oppurtunity. Not what you would think but in Turkey the oppressed are the real Muslims."

She said that the judged went into shock after seeing the video and reading the medical reports. He could not believe it – that that happened to her in Turkey. When the judge saw the photographs he, out of reflex, put his hand over his mouth and said: “I do not believe this…You are in the right here – really in the right.”

Pray that the hijab situation in Turkey gets solved so she can return to her home.

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