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The Perfume of Heaven

The physician took off his glasses, got up from his long table and went towards Marzieh's wheelchair. He stood looking amazingly at her lying motionless in her chair and said, "How old is she?"

Mrs Sughra, wiping her tears with the corner of her chadur replied, "15 years old, Doctor!"

The doctor turned his head to her saying, "only fifteen?" And without waiting for the reply, he looked hard at Marzieh again and saw her swollen legs hanging down the chair unpleasantly. Her big body bending on one side and a lump of fleshy face looking more like an over inflated ball. He asked, "She must weigh 250 kilograms, mustn't she?"

Mrs sughra came nearer and said, "300 kilograms, sir!" The doctor asked, "Are you her mother?" She replied, "Yes, Sir." You said, "All doctors have rejected her?" -- "Yes, Doctor!" -- "please, give me her medical records."

Mrs Sughra handed the doctor the thick records of Marzieh and went to the corner of the room. Sitting at his desk, the doctor took off his glasses and began to study the records, and then he lifted up his head saying, "She also had a cerebral apoplexy?"
Mother replied, "Yes, sir! A cerebral apoplexy and convulsion and she is not able to control her hands. When she holds for instance, a glass of water in her hand, she may let it fall on her legs!"

"But what about her weight? How did she gain so much weight?" - : When she caught the nervous disease, we wanted her not to do any housework. Of course, before her illness, she used to work hard doing heavy works! Of course, I was not guilty, because taking care of six children was not an easy job! Just at that time, she lost her mental balance and got ill, and she couldn't work any more. The only thing she did was to sit at a corner without talking to anybody. We didn't notice her gaining weight at all. But at last, this too much weight caused her legs not to function properly.

Marzieh's mother became quite, wiping her tears. The doctor took a deep sad sigh, getting up and going towards Marzieh, he stretched out his hand towards her eye and lifted her eyelid and examined her left eye.

He asked, "What about her eyes? Did her eyes have any problem before her illness?"
"No, Doctor! Her eyes were all right! But I wonder how soon she lost eyesight! And now she is a lump of flesh. She can neither see nor walk!" she continued, "Whatever treatment was done, it was useless! And now we have lost all the hope!"

Looking unhappy, the doctor went to the window and had a look at the sun that had lighted everywhere. When he thought how Marzieh's eyes were deprived of the sea of light, his sadness increased, but he could do nothing for her and he knew this fact very well. So he went towards Marzieh, and then to Mrs Sughra, dropping his head down, he said," listen Madam! I think it is in your benefit not to waste your money any more for the treatment! As my colleagues have already told you, there is no hope! Nobody can help her. A miracle! Just a miracle can save her!"

The doctor kept silence for a while, took a deep breath and continued: "So I suggest that you take her to the hospital for the handicapped, because they can take good care of her only there!" Without saying anything, Marzieh's mother went towards her daughter and stood behind her and drove the wheelchair towards the exit door.

Before leaving, she turned her head and looked at the doctor once more, while the doctor kept his head down!

She went out of the office and walked along the long corridors in Qayem Hospital. Before reaching the last corridor, she suddenly realized that hundreds of eyes were gazing at them. There were a lot of men and women standing of both sides of the corridor watching them! They were staring at them as if they had seen something quite odd!

When the mother saw her daughter's tears, immediately she embraced her in her arms involuntarily!

While Marzieh's tears had increased, she said to her mother, "Mother, I want to live with you! I don't want to go to the hospital for the handicapped! I love you! I don't want to go to the hospital for the handicapped! I love you! Please, don't take me to that hospital!"

At this moment, Mrs Sughra pressed her more tightly in her arms, holding her hands, she whispered, "we should look for another doctor!" -- "But you should not waste your money for me!" said Marzieh. And Mother only said, "I know my dear! I know!"

Immediately, she moved the wheelchair and opened a way through the crowd and quickly went away!

When they arrived home, she got Marzieh off the wheelchair with a lot of difficulty and placed her at a corner in the room. She put a pillow under her head and drew a blanket on her and left the house in a hurry. She had made up her mind. She went shopping as fast as possible, and bought a lot of vegetables to prepare remembering that the next day was Thursday, the first day of Zee al-Qa,dah. She decided to cook some soup and give it out to the poor as well as to the people next doors as a vow for the healing of Marzieh. When Thursday arrived, she distributed soup to the poor and to the neighbors.

Mrs Sughra, just at the last moments of that night, and just before finishing the washing of the big pan of soup, lifted up her head and looked deeply at the expansive, boundless sky. There were thousands of stars like thousands of lights smiling at her for one moment! Then, she laughed, too. She forgot her waist ache, and then she took her look off the sky and the stars and went into the room.

She spread the prayers-rug and said two Rakah prayers. Later she opened the Holy Qur'an and read a few verses from the Book of God. When her tears were falling down her cheeks she prayed for the healing of her daughter. A moment later, sleep seized her weary eyelids.

Before long, she dreamt that two great noble ladies fully dressed appeared brightly as if they had come from the other world! At first, she was frightened, and then she became surprised. But when those two great noble women encouraged her to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy House of God in Makkah, she smiled!

Being terrified and excited, she woke up, but nobody was there. She rubbed her eyes, but she could see nobody there! She got up and went towards Marzieh who was asleep and was breathing with difficulty.

Later, she went to the window and looked out into the yard. She saw the big pan of soup lying near the wall. She looked up at the sky and wished a pilgrimage. But she knew that she needed a lot of money for the pilgrimage to Makkah.

Remembering how Marzieh's illness had swallowed all her money, she was broken-hearted!

The sun had just spread her first rays over the large yard of the house when Mrs Sughra ran happily towards her daughter, waking up her, she said: "We must go to the Holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS)! Marzieh, get up! We must go to Imam Reza's shrine!

With great difficulty, she placed Marzieh in the wheelchair, and an hour later, she had fastened her to the steel window facing the holy burial chamber in the Atiq courtyard of the holy shrine with a green cloth.

Mother was weeping with a broken heart while Marzieh was looking around with her blind eyes. She felt a strange longing for her home and her tears were dropping down faster and faster!

The tears of hope and appeal began to fall purely and cleanly to wash out the dust of Marzieh's blindness and to remove it completely. Now in her front, those two great noble ladies were standing while there was the perfume of heaven from the steel window! They pointed to Marzieh ordering her to get up, but she was not able to do so! Suddenly, a noble gentleman with divine visage, who had no sign of belonging to this world, appeared from the steel window and came to her!

He was of great nobility, and of great glory whose presence had brought the perfume of hope! His green cover was unable to hide brightness of his face, removing the veil, he was all light and radiance, and he appeared before Marzieh and said to her, "Get up! Get up!" He kindly said to her not to take any medicine any more, and then he disappeared!

Marzieh was miraculously healed by Imam Reza (AS). The drums and trumpets of the holy shrine began to play and to release their joyful music in the honor of this healed girl.

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