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The Most Ridiculous Reasons to Skip a Workout

No Excuses!

1. “When I sweat, it ruins my hair.”

2. “Sweat makes me break out.”

3. “I can’t afford good exercise clothing.”

4. “It hurts too much.”

5. “I’m not overweight.”

6. “I’m sleepy.”

7. “I’m surfing the crimson wave.”

8. “I look stupid when I lift weights.”

9. “I’m too stressed.”

No Excuses!

We could spend all day rattling off the mind-body benefits of a good sweat session , but exercisers would still come up with ridiculous excuses to skip the gym. Still, we’ve listed nine of the latest crazy explanations we’ve heard in the halls and on the interwebs, along with no-nonsense solutions to get you moving the next time you’re tempted to be a couch potato.

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