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The Materialistic Trend in Capitalism

It is obvious that this social system is a purely materialistic one which mankind has followed sepa- rated from both his beginning and end, limited to the utilitarian aspect of his materialistic life, placing his assumptions thereupon. But this system, while being saturated with a domineering materialistic spirit, has never been based upon a materialistic philosophy of life or a detailed study thereof. Life within the social atomosphere of this system has been separated from every relationship outside the materialistic and utilitarian limits, but there has been no complete philosophical comprehension prepared for the establishment of this system for the purpose of such separating operation. I do not mean that the world did not contain schools for philosophical materialism and its adherents; rather, it contained popularity of the materialistic inclination as the result of the experimental mentality which was wide- spread since the beginning of the Industrial Revol- ution,' and by the spirit of doubt and intellectual upheaval brought forth by the intellectual revolution which befell a group of notions used to be considered among the most clear and accurate facts, 3 and by the spirit of rebellion and anger against the alleged "religion" which was freezing the minds and intel- lects, flattering tyranny and iniquity, supporting the social corruption in every battle it waged against the weak and the oppressed ... 4

These three factors helped promote material- ism in the minds of many a western mentality.

All of this is true, but the materialistic system has never been based upon a philosophical compre- hension of life, and this is its contradiction and in capacity, for the social aspect of life is linked to the reality of life: it is not crystalized in a correct form except when it is based upon a central base which explains life, its reality and limits. The materialistic system lacks such a base, for it implies deception and cheating, speed and little consideration when the realistic aspect of life is frozen and the social issue is studied in separation from it, although the continuation of the intellectual balance of a system is its restriction of attitude, from the beginning, to the reality of life which attitude provides society with the social ingredient: the mutual relationships among the people, and his method in understanding it and discovering its secrets and values ... ! Had mankind in this planet been the making of a man- aging and overwhelming Power that knows his secrets and obscurities, appearances and peculiarities, organ- izing and directing him ... ., then he would have naturally submitted, in his direction and life-condi- tioning, to such Creating Power, for that is wiser than him regarding his own affairs, more knowledgeable about his reality, more righteous in faring and more moderate than he is ... !

Also, had this limited life been the beginning of a perpetual one that will spring out of it, taking its hue therefrom, with its balances depending upon the extent of the first one's moderation and right- eousness ..., then it would have been natural to organize the present life, since it is the beginning of an immortal one based upon both materialistic and non-materialistic principles.

Therefore, the issue of belief in God and in life to have sprung from Him is not a purely idealistic matter detached from life, so that it would be sepa rated from life's spheres, for which speical codes and laws would have to be legislated, while by passing that matter and separating it ...! Rather, it is a matter linked to the mind, the heart and life alto- gether ... !

The proof for its closer link to life than demo- cratic capitalism itself is that its idea is based upon the belief that there has been no individual or group of individuals whose infallibility of objective, intel- lectual inclination and discretion are of the degree which allows entrusting the social issue to it and the dependability thereupon for the establishment of a righteous life of the nation ... ! This very basis has neither position nor meaning except when built up- on a purely materialistic philosophy which does not recognize the establishment of a system except by a limited human mind ... !

The capitalist system is materialistic in all the sense the world implies; it either implies materialism, without daring to declare its link to it and depend ence thereupon, or it may be ignorant of the extent of the natural linkage between the realistic matter of life and its social aspect. Therefore, it lacks the philos- ophy every social system has to hinge upon. It simply is materialistic even though it has never been based upon a mterialistic philosophy with clear outlines.


3. Among the prevalent beliefs which used to enjoy a high degree of clarity and simplicity, although based neither upon an intellectually logical basis nor on a philosophi cal proof, was the belief that earth was the centre of the world. When such beliefs crumbled down in the shade of accurate experiments, the common notion was shaken, and a wave of doubt overtook many intel- lects, causing thereby the resurrection of Greek sophis- try influenced by the doubting spirit just as it was influenced during the Greek period by the spirit of suspicion which had resulted from the contradictions of philosophical creeds and the intensity of arguments among them.

4. For the Church played a significant role in utilizing religion in a scandalizing manner, making its name nothing but a tool for the achievement of its own aims and objectives, strangling scientific and social liberties, establishing the inquisition courts and granting them wide prerogatives to fare with people's fate ..., so much so that all of that resulted in people being fed up with religion and feeling disgusted with it, for crimes were being committed in its name, although in its pure reality and accurate essence not less than those grumbling critics in its renunciation of crime and desire in uprooting its motifs and results! ! !

Adopted from the book: "Contemporary Man and The Social Problem" by: "Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr"

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