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The Manners on the Street

Being the fact that we do not know most of the people on the street, this doesn't mean we should forget about our morals of relationship with our companions on the street. Good morals are for those we know and for those that we don't know; for those whom we know, in order to strengthen our relationship with them and for those we don't know, in order to show a humanitarian face. Islam has enacted some etiquette while on the street; here are some:

A- Lower your eyes while walking on the street; face the direction you are going and do not turn away much.

B- It may happen that something disturbs your temper on the way; remember that as you are in your house, you are also on the street, thus, your obligation is your obligation, your manner is your manner, protect yourself respect and personality wherever you are.

C- Remove any harmful thing on the street, because those people who are moving on the street are your brothers either in religion or in humanity. It is reported in a prophetic hadith that: "Do not hesitate from doing anything good even if it is moving away any harmful thing on the way".

D- Spread peace by greeting all people - those you know and those you don't - in order to spread safety and tranquility on the street.

E- Do not block the way with anything, because the street is for everybody, not for you alone.

F- Being the fact that the street is the right for all, therefore, it is not good to spit on it nor throw waste and garbage on the street, because dirtying the street is harming the general health; your health included. Put your waste and refuses in special places meant for them.

G- Help those who need your help by picking up what falls down of their properties, or help those who may have problems in their means of transportation. Give your help to those who need it especially those in dire need of it, because it is possible that one day, you may need others' help; even if you don't at least you have done a good work.

H- If you park your car in a special place, do not cause a rise in its sound. Do not start it carelessly for the purpose of protecting your health and the health of others.

Adapted from the book: "The Art of Social Relations" by: "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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