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The Manners of Visiting

One thing that has a great effect on strengthening social relationships is the exchange of visits, which is encouraged in many narrations to the extent that it is stated that whoever visits his brother, it is as if he visited Allah and His Messenger. Among the manners of visits are the following:

A- Making arrangements and stating a particular time before a visit. It is not good to break the arrangement made or to arrive late, except if something that is above someone's control happens. In such a case, you must extend your apology to whom you want to visit, so that he may not be waiting for you.

B- If you visit a friend or a brother in religion without prior arrangement and he apologizes for not been able to attend to you due to some problems best known to him, as "The owner of the house knows better what is going on in it", do not become angry and do not feel offended, rather, it is his right that must be respected.

C- It is good to arrange for the time the visit will take, because it might be that your host may have another arrangement with someone or something else to do. Thus, if you leave the end of the visit without any limit, it might be a burden or can hurt your host.

D- If you enter the house of your friend, do not be curious and inquisitive in the affairs of the house or the family or anything that doesn't concern you. It might be that your host doesn't want you to know everything that's going on in his house. This means that you should also protect your eyes and tongue.

E- It is good to underline the aim of the visit and discuss it immediately when you arrive. Do not make your visit a chance of too much talking and spending unnecessary time.

Nevertheless, being the fact that there are different kinds of visits, therefore, each and every one of them has their own manners and morals.

Adapted from the book: "The Art of Social Relations" by: "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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