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The legislation of Mut'a according to the text of the sunna

On this issue, sufficient proof from the sunna is provided for us by the authentic mutawatir traditions reported from the Imams of the pure family. The two Shaykhs, al-Bukhari and Muslim, have reported many authentic traditions on the legislation of this type of marriage from Salma b. al-Aqwa, Jabir b. 'Abd Allah, 'Abd Allah b. Mas'ud, Ibn 'Abbas, Abu Dharr al-Ghaffari, 'Imran b. Husayn, al-Aqwa b. 'Abd Allah al-Aslami and Sapa b. Ma'bad. The traditions of all of these people are reported by Ahmad b. Hanbal in his Musnad. He also reported the hadith of 'Umar and of his son, 'Abd Allah.

Muslim, in the chapter on the mut'a marriage, in the book of marriage, in the first volume of his Sahih has reported from Jabir b. 'Abd Allah and Salma b. al-Aqwa, the two said: "The caller of the Prophet of God (P) came to us and said: 'The Prophet of God has permitted you to perform mut'a, that is the mut'a with women.'" The authentic traditions of this purport are more than can be examined in this treatise.

Adapted from the book: "Questions on Jurisprudence" by: "Abdul Hussein Shareefaldin Al-Musawi"

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