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The Issue of occultation

The atrocities of Bani Abbas towards the progeny of Ali and the sons of Imam Jafer Sadiq had created unrest and confusion as well as the problem of succession to Imam Hasan Askari (260, 874 AD). At Samerra there rendered elements and factors, which as a result brought on the theory of the Imam’s occultation.

However it was not a theory but a reality, a fact, a truth. It was written in books before Imam Hasan Askari had become Imam that the twelfth Imam would take shelter in absenting himself and that he would take refuge in his own disappearance and that for his safety he would resort to his own occultation under God’s command. Some took advantage of the opportunity. Jafer claimed that he was the awaited one. People did not believe him because of his reputation. The hers’ claim further strengthened the belief of the Shia in the Imamat of Mehdi. Their trust nullified the false claims.

Adapted from: "A Reply To Belief Of Mahdism In Shia Imamate" by: "Ayatollah Lutfollah Saafi Golpayegani"

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