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The Importance of Patience Against Sin

In the light of this brief discussion and in view of the traditions and Islamic learnings which are generally full of social education, it may be concluded that patience against sins and transgressions has been assigned a special importance.

According to a few short traditions dealing with special circumstances and giving a constructive lesson for the endeavouring Muslims of the period of the infallible Imams, this branch of patience has been considered a crucial support and has been assigned special privilege. Perhaps it may be because offering patience in obedience is something accompanied with the natural desire (instinct) existing within human beings, the same natural instinct which is responsible for action and efforts.

While on the other hand to be able to resist the desires for diversions, and not to surrender to the appealing attractions of various obstacles, which are full of sweet and desirable natural attractions, is the field of patience against sin. In this case not only one is not supported by natural attractions and instinct, rather one is acting in the opposite direction.

Therefore, practicing patience in obedience although means struggling against the natural instinctive1 attractions such as human desires for ease and comfort, nevertheless it is accompanied and supported by another natural instinct, however weak. But patience against sin or transgression against laws of Allah, is in total and direct confrontation with all the natural instinctive attractions and pleasures, and accordingly this kind of struggle is more difficult and therefore has been assigned special privilege.

Also, patience against sins plays a determining role as far as the social affairs are concerned and since its effect is relatively more conspicuous, this could be another reason for assigning special privilege to this kind of patience.

1 This instinct is a part of the real human structure, although its transgression and diversion is something unnatural and undesirable which should be resisted by human beings.

Adapted from the book: "Discourse on Patience" by: "Seyyed Ali Khamenei'i"

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