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The haraam things and acts of ihraam

173. The muhrim, i.e. one who is in the state of ihraam, must refrain from 25 issues:
1. Hunting land animals,
2. Sexual intercourse (with one''s spouse),
3. Pleasure seeking with one'' spouse,
4. Performing marriage contract or witnessing it,
5. Masturbation,
6. Perfume,
7. Wearing sewn clothing (applicable only to men),
8. Wearing slippers, shoes, or socks,
9. Using Kohl powder on the eyes,
10. Looking in the mirror,
11. Fosuq, which is lying, swearing, and boasting,
12. Jidaal, which is to enter into arguments, disputes, or Quarrelling,
13. Killing insects found on humans [such as lice],
14. Beautification,
15. Applying oil,
16. Removing hair (from the body),
17. (Using) Henna,
18. Covering the head (in the case of men),
19. For a woman to cover her face,
20. Sheltering in shade, for men,
21. Causing bleeding,
22. Clipping the finger nails,
23. Pulling a tooth,
24. Wearing arms/weapons,
25. Uprooting a tree or any vegetation of the Haram.

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