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The Great Miracle

The Great Miracle
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"It seems that I slept comfortably for several hours. It was about daybreak that I saw Hadrat Imam Reza (A.S.) in a dream. It seemed as if the reality and spirit of the Holy Imam was descending gradually from the world of malakut and from behind indescribable veils until he stood by my side with this visible body. He held a tablet in his hand on which there was inscribed certain lines in radiant green. He gave that tablet to me and said, 'Read!'.

"I began reading and when I had read some of it I woke up from my dream. I found that my eye had become normal and it could see perfectly. I began to offer the prayer (namaz), and kept on praying in the dark of the night. After offering the dawn prayer I went to bed and slept, saying to myself that I will always keep it a secret."

Apparently, it had been indicated to him in the dream that it was to remain a secret which he must not divulge. That marhum used to say, "I divulged this secret, even telling it to my colleagues and ordinary friends, which I shouldn't have done." He regretted having revealed it.

"In the morning the nurses came to wash my eye and they were all astonished. They informed the doctors and that famous doctor himself came and personally examined my eye. They all said, "This is something extraordinary! This is a miracle of Christ! It is a miracle! A miracle!" I kept silent, and I said to myself, "Yes, it is a miracle, but a miracle of Christ's Teacher and master!(Imam Reza (A.S.)"

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