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The Good Hadith:

There was much disagreement among men of hadith in respect of defining the hasan tradition. The following are some of their words in defining it:

Al-Khitabi says: It is that hadith whose source was recognized, rijal were famous, and upon which revolve most of the traditions, and approved by most of the ulama’, and referred to by the fuqaha’ in general. Ibn al-Salah says: It is of two kinds: One of them is that whose isnad cannot be devoid of some unknown narrator whose credibility could never be ascertained, not ignoring numerous mistakes, nor known to be a deviant, with the hadith being known through an another identical narration or any other way. The second kind is that whose narrator being widely-known of truthfulness and honesty, but could not reach the level of sahih due to failure in memorization and exactitude. It is higher in level than that whose singleness is unacceptable. The hasan tradition, can be used, like the sahih one, in disputation and debate, though it being lower than it in strength.

Adapted from: "Lights on the Muhammadan Sunnah" by: "Mahmud Ali Riyyah"

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