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The First Environment for the Child

The mother's womb is the first environment from which one originates, so this environment has positive and negative effect on the child because where the child moves about and the fetus is considered part of the mother all the circumstances of the mother are living reflected on the child. It has been established through scientifically research the efficiency of the mother on the embryo's physical and psychological growth. Then the troubles, anxiety, suppression, fears and so on leave its effect on the baby's emotional feelings 71.

The embryo is affected by the mother's psychological attributes and all that is positively occurred to the mother during the period of pregnancy. Verily (the nervous problems of the mother gives a severe blows to the gifted embryo before he was born, to extend it will change to nervous existence. From this point of view it is necessary to have inter-connection with the mother by giving importance to the pregnancy in order to distance her from misguiding thought, grief, anxiety and to maintain calm and constancy atmosphere) 72

The pregnancy period has its positive or negative effect on the emotional stability of the child 73. That is why Islam has laid emphasis to this reality before it was discovered by this day's psychologist. The Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) said: "The unblessed is one of the wretched in his mother's womb and the blessed is one of the fortunate in his mother's womb" 74.

The meaning of the wretchedness and fortunate are the reflections that occur to the embryo regards the healthy, physical and psychological condition of the mother, then the baby has the preparedness to be wretched or fortunate. Some of the physical sickness has effect on the embryo and may be born affected with some of it which will accompanied him till his old age and that will be the cause of his wretchedness or may be saved from those sickness and will be accompanied with good health, like wise the situation in terms of his psychological and emotional condition.

The anxiety or tranquility, the unrest or constancy, the fear or rest of mind and other attributes has effect on the embryo and accompanied him if he is not in the midst of a good society to save guides him from the previous effects or the society that will distanced him from having physical and psychological safety.

The followings are the precautionary measures Islam has taken to distance embryo from negative physical and psychological growth.


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Adapted from the book: "The Child's Education in Islam" by: "Ismail Abdullah"

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