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22. One of the conditions of the obligation of the Hajj, is the availability of the expenses to cover for the journey [to the Hajj], and back both for the trip and living expenses according to his social status, even by the minimum amount. If he does not have both, the Hajj is not obligatory upon him.
23. The criteria for the amount of the expenses are that he should have available to him from the place where he wants to depart from. For example if one went on business trip to Medina or Jeddah and it coincided with the Hajj season, and he was able to provide for the expenses from there, the Hajj would be obligatory for him, even if he would not be able to cover the expenses if it were from his hometown.
24. If providing the expenses means selling something he owns at a less-than-normal price, and selling it would not put him in difficulty, it would be obligatory for him to sell and perform the Hajj with the proceed. However, if selling the item(s) would put him in difficulty, the Hajj would not be obligatory upon him.
25. If the costs of the Hajj expenses temporarily increased in one of the years, such that they would go back to normal afterwards, if paying the extra cost does not put him in difficulty, it is not permitted for him to delay the Hajj, and the Hajj becomes obligatory upon him in the same year.
26. The ability to provide for the expenses is conditional on covering the cost of the trip there and back, and during his stay in Makkah, but if he wanted to reside in Makkah permanently, providing the cost of the journey back is not conditional for him.

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