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The Essentiality of the Study of the Qur’an

Adapted from: "Towards Better Understanding of the Qur'an" by: "Shaykh Muslim Bhanji"

The study and knowledge of the Qur'an is essential not only for Scholars and Philosophers, but for everyone: an ordinary person, a student, a worker, a trader, a learned person as well as for all faithful believers.
The study of the Qur'an is essential for every committed Muslim, since it is the main source and foundation of the religious thought and faith. Whatsoever gives meaning, essence and sanctity to his existence lies in the Holy Qur'an.
The Qur'an is not just like other religious books which are content to discuss the problems of existence of God and creation in cryptic tones, or like those which merely convey a series of simple moral advice and counsels, so that those who believe in them are hopelessly left to search for guidance in other sources. It is a book where all essential ingredients of life can be found.
Unlike other books, the Qur'an discusses and formulates all the ideas and views that are essential for a man’s life, beside communicating the tenets of faith. Since the Qur’an is book of life, it also lays down all the principles of life including that of moral and ethical values for the purpose of individual, social and familial existence. Unfortunately, the study of Qur’an has been left for Scholars and learned people only.


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