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The Environments of the Event of Fadak

10:37:33Adopted from the book : "Fadak in History" by : "Shahid Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr"

That was the veracious Fatima, the daughter of the prophet, the delight of his eye,the example of infallibility, the radiant halo and the remainder of the prophet among the muslims, on her way to the mosque .She lost the father, who was the best at all in the history of mankind , the most sympathetic, the most compassionate and most blessed.This was a calamity that could make the one efflicted with, taste the betterness of dying and find dying sweet and delightful hope.Thus was Fatima when her father left to the better world and his soul flew to pradise pleased (with Allah ) and ( Allah) well-pleased (with him).

The bitter events did not cease. She faced another calamity, which had great effect on her pure soul and it moved her sorrow snd grief. It was not less than the first calamity.It was the lost of the glory, which the grand had granted to the prophet's family along history.That glory was the ledership of Umma. The heaven had decided that Mohammad's family was to rule his Umma and his Shia because they (mohammad's decscendents) were his example and derivatives.But the opposite account turned the leadership and the rule way from the real possessor and appointed caliphs and emirs instead.1

With this and fatima (s) lost the holiest prophet and father and the most enternal chiefdom and leadership in an overnight.So her grief-stricken soul sent her to war and it's fields and made her undertake the revolution and keep on it. Undoubtedly ,anyone else who had the same principles and beliefs could not have done what she did or striven in jihad like her without being an easy prey for the ruling authority that had reached at that time the peak of SUPdual and severity. There was blame for waving, accussation for saying and punishment for doing2. It was not diffrent from what we nowadays might refer to martial laws. That was necessary for rulers in those days to support their base and to fix their structure.But since the defending rebel was the daughter of mohammad (s) ,a piece of his soul 3 and his flourishing image, she would be kept safe undaubtedly bacause of the holly prophethood of her father and also the respect and other aspect of woman in islam that safe guarded her from harm.

1- The heaven had decided that Ali and the other pure members of the prophet's family were to have the leadership and the imamate of the Umma.There was a big step of educational and intellectual preparation for such leadership and caliphet. Infact there was a clear method that its steps succeeded in this way.It was confirmed by the holy Quran and Sunna that did not let any way doubt.Refer to The origin of the Shiism and the shia by Imam as-sadr and edited by Abdul jabbar sharara .we proved by numbers, evidences and texts this fact with reference to the reliable sources and true tradition of our sunni brothers.
Also refer (for example )to at-tabari 's Tareekh vol.3 p.218-219, as-sayooti's Tareekh al-khulafa (history of the caliphs ) p.171, ibn hajar's as-sawa'iq al-Muhriqa ,p.127 and the summary of ibn Assakir's tareekh by ibn mandhour, vol.17, p.356 and following pages).

2- Refer to the event of Saqeefa in al-tabri's Tareeks vol.2, p.244 and see what had happened on that day .one was the saying of the second caliph (omar) :"kill sa'ad bin obada ..."

3- the prophet said: "fatima is a part of me. Whoever hurts her surely hurts me ..." refer to at-taj al-jami' lil ossool vol.3 p.353 al- bukhari's sahih vol 1.5 p.83 tradition on 323 and muslims sahih vol.4p.p 1902 tradition no.2493.

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