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The consensus of the Shi'i community

Adopted from the Book : "Temporary Marriage in Islamic Laws" by : "Sachiko Murata"

The consensus of the Shi'i community

The words of the Qur'an: 'Marry such women as seem good to you!' (4:3), since mut'a is a kind of marriage, but one which men desire to perform by expending their property.

The words of the Qur'an: 'So those of them whom you enjoy, give to them their appointed wages' (4:24). The word istimta' (enjoy), unless otherwise qualified, signifies 'temporary marriage.'

Ibn Mas'ud's version of the Qur'an, which adds the words 'to a specified term ' to the above verse.

There is no disagreement over the fact that mut'a was allowed at the beginning of Islam. So those who claim that the verse was abrogated must prove their assertion.The principle from which discussion must begin is that mut'a is permitted. That it should be forbidden must be proven.The words of 'Umar concerning the 'two mut'as'. Here 'Umar tells us that at the time of the Prophet, mut'a was permitted, i.e., that it was a part of the religion of Islam. Proof must be provided that it is no longer so.

After referring to these seven reasons, al Tusi answers the arguments of those who claim mut'a is forbidden in much the same way that we have seen above.

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