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The Case of Fadak in the Objective Circumstances

Adopted from the book : "Fadak in History" by : "Shahid Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr"

If we wanted to understand the forms and the reasons of the dispute in the light of the circumstances surrounding it, we had to explain those circumstances even in short to give a clear image about that reverse age as much as concerning our aim.

I do not mean by the reversal when I describe the reign of the first caliph except its real meaning applying to the changeability of the ruling authority that had to acquire the public form,to take it power from the electing groups and to incline to the first form, which t ook its power and authority from the Heaven.

That moment, when Basheer bin Sa'd 1 patted the hand of the caliph (Abu Bakr),was a point of change in the history of Islam that put an end to the best of the reigns and announced another reign, which we let history to give judgement about.

1- At-Tabari's Tareekh vol.2 p. 243.

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