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The Beginning of Migration

The Beginning of Migration

The auspicious days of celebrating the birth of our Master of the Age have renewed our desire to know more about him. Carrying his love, we begin to traverse the valley of His greatness. We carry his remembrance and his name in this world of knowledge and light and prepare ourselves for the journey.

You are a migrant in this spiritual migration. The provisions of your journey are sincerity, the helper is Allah and the guide is the Wali of Allah.The journey is within yourself. What is the result of this journey and migration?

It is self accounting. Regarding those duties which have been made compulsory for us by Imam-e-Zamana (May our lives be sacrificed for him) and we have made a covenant to fulfill those duties.Those duties towards which we are totally inattentive. The utter negligence on our part has made Hazrat sad. Hazrat complains to Allah for the acts of his people. This is the time to spread the name and fill the whole world with the remembrance of Hazrat (a.s.) to invite the people towards his intellectual revolution to create the conditions favourable for his reappearance so that he (a.s.) may fill the earth with the sweet scent of his reappearance and the buds of, belief may bloom in the garden of his universal kingdom. Justice and knowledge may become widespread. These are some of the results that become manifest on the blessed occasion of the birth of Hazrat Baqiyatullah (May our lives be sacrificed for him) Insha Allah.

We now begin our discussion with the words of Hazrat (a.t.f.s.), so that the words which emanate from the soul shall become embedded in our soul. We may thus become aware that the holy personality is with us. It is this personality which helps us in this age of difficulties and turmoil, and it is this being which guards and cares for us.

"In the Name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful

May Allah protect us from the mischief. And may Allah bestow us with the soul of certainty and save us from a dreadful end.

A group from amongst you has created doubts regarding religion. We have received reports of the doubts that they harboured regarding their "Master of affairs."

I became aggrieved, not for my sake but for you. Because Allah is with us and we are not in need of anyone but Him. And the truth is with us. Hence, I am not worried if anyone forgoes our obedience and leadership ...

O people! Why are you involved in doubts and uncertainties. And why, in a condition of bewilderment and astonishment you have made it a doubtful problem? Don’t you know that the Almighty has said:

"O those who believe, obey Allah and obey his Prophet and those who have been given authority from among you."

Don’t you know that according to the "hadiths" and narrations your past and the future Imams (a.s.) will have to face various calamities?

Have you not seen that from the time of Adam (a.s.) up to that of Imam Hasan al Askari (a.s.) Allah has always provided for you a refuge. Allah has also established clear signs for you to recognise them, so that you can obtain guidance through their medium. And that too in a way that whenever one of these signs were to disappear from your sight it would soon be replaced by another. And whenever a star sets, another star would begin to shine. Do you think that after the death of Imam Hasan al Askari (a.s.) Allah had forsaken this religion and discontinued the medium that connected Him and His creatures? No! It had not been so. It will not be till the day of Qiyamat and till the day of the reappearance of the Proof of Allah. Though the disbelievers are averse to it. Imam Hasan al Askari (a.s.) departed from this world in a righteous way. But like his forefathers he had left behind his will regarding his knowledge and his legatee among us. And except for the blatant disbelievers and tyrants no one disputes with us regarding this exalted position of Imamat. And except for the infidel who has abandoned truth, no one claims for himself this exalted position. If there had been no risk of subordination of Allah and betrayal of His secrets, our right upon you would have become manifest in such a grand manner that you would have been astonished and all your doubts would have disappeared. But whatever Allah the Almighty has desired and whatever is written in Lauh-e-Mahfooz (the protected tablet) has to be fulfilled.

Therefore, you also must fear Allah and surrender yourselves to us. Leave all the affairs to us so that every type of goodness may reach the people from our existence. Do not insist upon being informed about all that has been hidden from you and do not deviate from the straight path. Remain aligned to the middle path. Keep your aim with our devotion on a path that is sure to lead ‘towards us. I have advised you regarding that which was necessary. And the Almighty Allah is a witness upon me and upon you. If we had no love towards you and if we had not cared for your success and your salvation, and if we had not been caring towards you, we would have discontinued communicating with you. And may Allah send his blessings upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.)"

(‘Beharul Anwaar’ Vol. 53, Pg. No. 178-180, from ‘AI-Ihtijaj’)

Let us ponder upon these priceless words of Imam-e-Zamana (May our lives be sacrificed for him) and ask ourselves a question: Who are those who have been addressed by Imam (a.s.) thus? Does this concern only a particular group of people in the city of Qum who had written a question to Imam (a.s.) during the period of Minor Occultation? Or Is it addressed to all the people living in the period of ghaibat? Were the problems of doubts, deviations and disputes confined to that period only or they are relevant to. Every age also? Are we also not affected by such maladies? If it is so then we and all those people who carry the load of the difficulties of occultation on their shoulders, are also addressed by the exalted personality in this message. Then why do not we unite under the leadership of Hazrat and confess our belief in the society, in the dynamic and effective personality? Come let us see the profundity (depth) of Hazrat’s message when he says,

"We are cognizant of all your affairs and nothing is hidden from us. We are also aware the mistakes that you commit from the time, when most of you were inclined towards the evil deeds which your righteous ancestors had shunned."

And from the time they turned away from their covenant as if they had never made it. We are not deficient ill your welfare and care and your remembrance never leaves our heart. Had it been so, calamities would have descended upon you, and your enemies would have crushed you.

Fear Allah and help us and seek our guidance and help to extricate yourself from the mischief that has enveloped you."

(Tawqee of Hazrat Vali AI-Asr (a.j.) addressed to Shaikh Mufeed (R.A.) Beharul Anwaar Vol. 53, Pgs.175-177. Quote from AI Ihtijaj)

Is it proper to cause grief to the pious heart of such an affectionate Imam who never forgets his followers even for a moment, by our bad character and actions? And break our covenant with him? It is incumbent upon those who wish for the attention and favours of Imam (a.s.) to strengthen their covenant with him (a.s.) and to remain steadfast and resolute on this covenant. They should protect this covenant from the filth of their evil deeds and loose character. They should also take heed of the sorrowful words of Imam (a.s.) when he says "If our Shias (May Allah give them tawfeeq of His obedience) had been steadfast and united upon this covenant, our meeting them would not have delayed. The cause of our distance with them is that group, whose character is detestable to us."

As far as we are concerned, if there is any barrier between us and Hazrat (a.s.) it is because of us. He (a.s.) is still in ghaibat due to our objectionable character. The way is clear before us. Our duties are clearly defined. The commands of Imam Zamana (a.s.) are present to guide and lead us. It is necessary for us to cleanse the impurities of our soul and to call Hazrat (a.s.) with our complete existence. We should wait day and night in right earnest for the successful revolution of Hazrat (a.s.). It is the command of Hazrat (a.s.) himself.

"And wait for the ‘Faraj’ morning and evening"

(Imam Sadiq (a.s.) Ghaibat-e-Nomani Pg.158)

"Hope for the rule of your master day and night, because everyday there is a new challenge for him and one engagement does not make him careless of his other duties. "

(Imam Sadiq (a.s.) Mikyalul Makarim Vol.2 Pg.157)

Be prepared for his help and assistance. If not possible, at least hope for his reappearance every Friday. The following words should always be on your lips.

"O Leader, O Master of the age. Divine blessings be upon you and upon the people of your house. This is Friday, It is your day. It is the day of your reappearance. The believer will achieve bliss and happiness upon your hand and the disbelievers annihilation".

(A few lines from the Ziarat of Imam Zamana (a.s.) recited on Friday ‘Mafatihul Jinan’) The day of Friday has been promised to be a day of your reappearance and the successful revolution. Whatever has been said about you is not impossible. "Mahdi is from us. Allah will put tight his affair overnight.

(Mikyalul Makarim Vol.2. Pg.160)

Doubtlessly, the sea of Allah’s miracles have no bounds, the sky of His Mercy has no horizon and no one can imagine the limit of the ocean of His Favours. His exalted ones (Awliya) are also having similar qualities. They are such examples of greatness and miracles, highness and mercy that charity and forgiveness are their habits and bravery and greatness are the essence of their existence.* Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) is a member of this exalted and meritorious family. He is in Ghaibat due to some special reasons. Although he is away from our eyes, yet he is present and helps and guides the believers. He is not deficient in this regard. He is always occupied in the duties of guidance and Imamat, and continues to lead the sons of Shariat (the believers). is His mercy and care are being continuously showered upon the Ummat of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.). Doubtlessly, Hazrat (a.j.) is the supreme leader of the Ummat, the explorer of true Shariat, the standard bearer of guidance. His existence is the foundation of true guidance. His continued existence is the basis of the continuous existence of the world of time and space. However, due to the circumstances that resulted in the Imam’s Ghaibat it became pertinent for Hazrat to entrust the duties of the exposition of Islamic laws to the Fuqaha (jurists). These jurists are only those who have the requisite qualities (of piety and ‘justice) so that in the event of any problems, these jurists would clear the existing doubts and expose the truth concerning a particular legal ruling. This way, the common people can take refuge with these jurists and follow them in matters of Islamic law. Thus, the apparent leadership was entrusted to the jurists who conformed to the criteria as explained by Imam Ja’far as Sadiq (a.s.) in the. following tradition: "From among the jurists, one who has control over his own lusts and desires (that is, he overcomes and stops his desires to take control over him) one who is the protector of his religion and is the obedient follower of the orders of his Imam (a.s.), then it is incumbent upon the people to follow their orders. And this will be true only in case of some of the Shia ulemas and not all."

(Wasaelush Shia Vol.18 Pg.95, Beharul Anwaar Vol.2 Pg.88)

and Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) says about them:

"For new Problems refer to those who narrate our sayings. For certainly they are my Hujjat upon you and I am the Hujjat of Allah upon them. One who rejects them rejects us and our rejection is the rejection of Allah."

(Ref.: Kamaluddin Pg.484, Beharul Anwaar Vol.53, Pg. 1 81, Wasaelush Shia Vol.18 Pg.101)

It is evident that the incidence of the new problems is widespread in the period of Ghaibat. The history of Ghaibat is replete with such incidents. Jurisprudence includes the total derivation of Islamic laws. It is not confined only to the meaning of the Quranic Ayats and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S.) and his progeny (a.s.). Rather the dictionary meaning of "Fuqaha" denotes a person who is having profound and exhaustive Knowledge about a particular matter. In addition to this, he has perceptive powers and integrity. The meaning of ‘Fuqaha’ (derived from ‘faqih’) according to Islamic terminology is a person who is an expert in the derivation of Islamic laws from their sources and also has perceptive ability and a lofty character. The common people are supposed to refer to him and follow him (do his taqleed) in solving their legal problems. On the basis of this and our religious understanding it becomes necessary to accept in practice, the authority of a jurisprudent who is having the necessary qualities. This was ordered by the Holy Imams (a.s’). We follow their directive in accepting the authority of the Fuqaha. It is necessary to point out the fact that although the responsibility of guidance rests on the Fuqaha, they themselves are not left to fend for themselves. Imam (a.s.) himself helps and guides them whenever the need arises.

Imam (a.s.) thus says,

"Because they (the Fuqaha) are my proof upon you and I am Allah’s proof upon them."

Nothing prevents Hazrat (a.s.) from helping and guiding the Fuqaha as well as the common people whenever they are in need. Time and again, Imam (a.s.) has helped the Fuqaha and came to assist those who were in difficulties and had called to him for help. In this book, we present a few incidents when the Imam (a.s.) openly helped and guided the Fuqaha and also some common people. By reading these anecdotes we can enlighten our hearts by increased remembrance of Hazrat Hujjat (a.s.). This would bring us nearer to this exalted personality. Another fact which becomes evident from these incidents is that Hazrat is cognizant of the social condition of the people and whenever they are confronted with a difficult problem and seek help of Hazrat (a.s.), he solves the same by the permission of Allah.*

We live in the hope of receiving our share of blessings from this exalted household in proportion of our love for them we pray and hope to be included among those who have been blessed by the blessed audience of Imam (a.s.). Before we begin the actual narrations we would like to mention a few points. First of all, these incidents are the irrefutable proofs that even in the time of ghaibat, Hazrat (a.s.) is always present to help and guide the "Fuqaha" and also the common people. In these incidents, Imam (a.s.) has time and again helped the people and Fuqaha openly. Apart from this, history is also replete with incidents when Imam (a.s.) has helped without coming into the picture. And this type of help is of a greater significance. One can only continue to read these anecdotes till the time the Almighty Allah orders him to reappear openly and rid the people of sorrow and grief and emancipate them from their difficulties. All this depends upon his [Hazrat’s (a.s.)] mercy and the permission of Allah (a.j.).

Secondly, we must not think that only these particular people have been blessed by Imam’s (a.s.) help. On the other hand, it is also not that every religious scholar has the opportunity to meet Hazrat (a.s.). There had been a large number of people who had met Imam (a.s.) but who did not disclose their meeting him and thus those incidents were not recorded in history. It is possible to mention only a few of such incidents in this brief booklet. Those who are fired with the zeal to see Imam (a.s.) and love him earnestly can refer to the detailed books mentioned by us on this subject. Another important point is that these incidents do not conflict with the sayings of Imam (a.s.) wherein he had ruled out the possibility of meeting him. "Meeting" in those traditions denotes meeting him at will. It concerns those who claim to be able to meet Imam (a.s.) whenever they desire. These people claim falsely and try to project themselves as his special representatives. It does not include those whom Imam (a.s.) met by his own will and wish. The incidents mentioned in this book are with the meeting of Imam (a.s.). They never claimed for themselves, special deputyship of Imam (a.s.). They always considered their audience with Imam (a.s.) to be a sort of a special favour bestowed on them. It is one of the cardinal beliefs of the Shias.

Lastly, we would like to mention that those who are afflicted by scepticism in this regard and think that it is highly improbable should know that they are also narrow minded like the materialists. They are engulfed in the dust of ignorance and refuse to believe in the formidable power which the Almighty bestows upon his representative (Imam a.s.).

Nothing is impossible for the Almighty who protected Ibrahim (a.s.) in the fire by Namrood and split the Nile for Musa (a.s.), caused the dead to return to life at the hands of Isa (a.s.). Enabled Nuh (a.s.) to live for 950 years prior to the deluge. Revealed the Quran to the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.). He is very well capable of endowing Imam (a.s.) with the strength and ability to perform astonishing feats. Thus it is imperative for us to realise the favours of Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) and his greatness. We should not despair, rather we should sow the seeds of hope in the deepest confines of our heart. We also await ardently for this exalted personality as much as possible. For he is the one who is bestowed with unlimited favours by the Almighty.

"Do no despair of the mercy of Allah for no one despairs of the mercy of Allah except the unbelievers."

(Sura Yusuf: 87)

The Holy Quran also says;

"And who is hopeless of the mercy of their Lord except those who astrayed ones."

(Sura Hijr: 56)

Let us imbibe our hearts with the breeze of unlimited Divine mercy without being misled by the poisonous winds of hopelessness and despair exuded by Shaitan.

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